Discontinuing the Vodafone Smart SIM connectivity service

From 1 August 2024, your Design & Connected by Vodacom subscription will end. Kindly note that customers will no longer be billed for this service. This means that connectivity for your services will no longer be available.

Impact on Vodacom Smart Tech and V by Vodacom devices

From 1 August 2024, Design & Connected by Vodacom and V-SIM devices will no longer work. Please ensure you download any pictures you wish to retain via the Vodafone Smart App before this date.

If your device has an embedded Vodacom V-SIM it will not be possible to replace the V-SIM with an alternative SIM from another operator. Therefore, those devices will no longer work. 

The Design & Connected by Vodacom devices below have an embedded/ open slot V-SIM that cannot be replaced and the device will no longer work:

  • Neo Kids Watch
  • Curve Smart GPS Tracker
  • Linea watch
  • V-Kids Watch – (Alcatel MT30)
  • V-Bag – (Alcatel)

Note* All V-Home services (which included the Hub, camera and multipurpose sensor) came to an end in 2022

Note* all customer care support services will no longer be available.