Africa Roaming Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

  1. The prescribed Africa Roaming tariff applies by default to all Vodacom customers when roaming on the Vodacom Lesotho, Vodacom Mozambique, Vodacom Tanzania, Vodacom DRC, Vodafone Ghana and Kenya Safaricom networks.

  2. Calls to Customer Care (+2782135) are free while roaming.

  3. Calls to voicemail and any Vodacom number which is normally zero rated in South Africa excluding customer care (+2782135) will be charged at the Call Home rate.

  4. Customers will not be charged to receive a voicemail message, but will be charged at the Call Home Rate to retrieve the voicemail message.

  5. All calls are billed using the 60:60 (per minute) billing concept.

  6. All data usage is charged in 10kb increments.

  7. If a network is not listed as being part of the Vodacom Africa Family, Vodafone world rates for that country apply.  Calls to premium and satellite numbers are not charged at the Africa Family rates.