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Absolute Rules

All Suppliers are to adhere to Vodacom's ABSOLUTE RULES and ensure that all employees or sub-contractor performing services for Vodacom duly comply with these regulations. Please note Vodacom applies a zero tolerance approach to the wilful contravention of these regulations; the loss of life or injury caused through the operation of our business shall not be tolerated. Wilful disregard of the ABSOLUTE RULES will be deemed as breach of the Agreement.

  • Always wear seat belts when travelling in, or operating vehicles.

  • Always use suitable personal protective equipment, a safety harness and fall protection equipment when working at height (harnesses must be attached at all times when working at height).

  • Never carry out electrical work on electrical equipment, circuits and gear if you are not qualified

  • Never work under the influence of substances (alcohol or drugs) which are illegal or in excess of legal levels or where this impairs your ability to perform tasks.

  • Never exceed speed limits or travel at speeds which are dangerous for the type of road, vehicle, or conditions.

  • Never use a hand held phone whilst driving and only make calls by pulling over or using hands free devices, when it is safe to do so.

  • Always wear helmets when travelling on, or operating, a motorbike.

  • No passengers in the backs of bakkies and trucks.

  • Never undertake any street or underground work activities unless competent to do so.