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Add any of these Spotify plans to your Vodacom account and get two months for the price of one:

Spotify Mini

This plan includes:
Group sessions
Ad-free listening
Download 30 songs on 1 mobile device
Most Popular

Spotify Individual

This plan includes:
1 Premium Account
Ad-free listening
R64.99 PM

Spotify Duo

This plan includes:
2 Premium accounts
Ad-free listening
On-demand listening anywhere,
Duo Mix
R87.99 PM
Best Value

Spotify Family

This plan includes:
6 Premium Account
Ad-free listening
On-demand listening anywhere,
Family Mix
Block explicit music
R109.99 PM

Why go Premium?

Spotify download icon
Download Music

Listen anywhere

Spotify no ads icon
No ad interruptions

Enjoy nonstop music

Spotify unlimited skips icon
Unlimited Skips

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Why add Spotify Premium to your Vodacom account or airtime?

Simplest way to pay
Simplest way to pay
Just use your Vodacom account or airtime

You no longer need a credit card to pay for once off or subscription services.

Spotify security
Your payment is safe and secure

You will receive an OTP (One Time Pin) to verify your purchases.

How to activate Spotify Premium on Vodacom Add to Bill:

  • 01
    Step 1

    Under Account, select Join Premium and click on Get Started under the plan you want and select Pay by mobile: Vodacom when choosing your payment method

  • 02
    Step 2

    Click on Continue Purchase, select Vodacom and enter your mobile number

  • 03
    Step 3

    A One Time Pin will be sent to you via text message to enter in the next screen to confirm your subscription.

Already a Spotify Premium member?

Access your account settings via web and select 'Update' under Your Plan

Spotify Frequently Asked Questions

Need help getting started with Spotify?

    To subscribe to Spotify Premium with Vodacom Add to Bill, follow these simple steps:

    Under "Account" in your Spotify app, select "Join Premium."

    Choose the Spotify Premium plan you want (e.g., Spotify Mini, Individual, Duo, or Family).

    When selecting your payment method, choose "Pay by mobile: Vodacom."

    Click on "Continue Purchase," select "Vodacom," and enter your mobile number.

    You'll receive a One Time Pin (OTP) via text message; enter it on the next screen to confirm your subscription.

    Spotify Premium comes with a fantastic set of perks to enhance your music experience. First off, you'll enjoy an ad-free listening experience, so no more interruptions. Plus, you get unlimited skips, so you can jump to your favorite tracks anytime. One of the coolest features is the ability to download music for offline listening – perfect for when you're on the go. And of course, you can listen to your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere. If you opt for the Spotify Family package, you'll also get access to Family Mix and the option to block explicit music content.

    The cost of Spotify Premium depends on the plan you choose. For instance, Spotify Mini is R11.99 per week, while Spotify Individual is R59.99 per month. If you're looking for a great deal for two, Spotify Duo comes at R87.99 per month. And for families, the Spotify Family package is just R109.99 per month, covering six Premium accounts.

    The Spotify Family package is fantastic for families who want to enjoy Spotify Premium together. With this package, you get a total of six Premium accounts, each benefiting from ad-free listening, unlimited skips, on-demand listening, Family Mix to keep everyone grooving, and the option to block explicit music content – perfect for households with varying tastes and ages.

    Paying for Spotify Premium through Vodacom Add to Bill is super easy and convenient. You won't need a credit card for this. Instead, you can use your Vodacom account or airtime to cover the costs. It's not only simple but also secure. To make sure your payment is safe, you'll receive a One Time Pin (OTP) to verify your purchases.

    Going Premium on Spotify with Vodacom Add to Bill is a smooth process.

    In your Spotify app, under "Account," select "Join Premium" and click "Get Started" under your desired plan.

    When choosing your payment method, select "Pay by mobile: Vodacom."

    Click "Continue Purchase," choose "Vodacom," and enter your mobile number. You'll receive a One Time Pin (OTP) via text message to confirm your subscription. Enjoy your Premium experience!