Vodacom's Position


Our investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy programmes over the last 10 years are yielding cost and energy savings, and reduces our impact on the environment. 


Our policy on waste management prioritises safe and responsible reuse and recycling of unwanted material. Our waste hierarchy ensures we embed sustainable practices throughout our operations and supply chain activities.


While we're not a water-intensive, we aim to reduce our water consumption by 75% before the end of 2025 in keeping with our commitments.

Our targets for 2025

Digitizing Government:

Vodacom Businesses Digital Government Solution offers simple, easy access to healthcare, quality education, reliable service delivery, and enhanced public safety. By connecting people, places and things, Vodacom Business helps government succeed in a digital world. With our expertise in connectivity, our leading IoT platform and our global scale, we can deliver the results you need to progress and thrive. Find out how we're helping government connect for a better future.

Building the future with Digital Buildings:

Vodacom Digital Buildings is an IoT solution that can transform your business with smarter data for smarter decision-making and smarter results. With our scalable solution, expect real-time information, increased output and productivity, as well as optimised operations and management for your business.

Our Green Initiatives


Our retail ecosystem allows you to play your part to save the environment.

  • Visit your nearest Vodacom store to connect today with our new eco simcard;

  • Have an option to purchase our good as new devices or even extend your contract term to 36 months.

  • Learn more about the eco rating of your next device - Click here to learn more

Vodacom Business

Over the past few years, it has become evident that collective action is needed to create a better future for everyone. As a company with a footprint that spans across Africa, we need to be intentional about our efforts to create a more inclusive, sustainable future for all while ensuring we are resilient, flexible and adaptable. As we adjust to the new normal, we remain committed to operating responsibly by reducing our energy and water consumption as well as waste generation to preserve our natural resource base.


These are some of our priority projects:

  • Energy and climate change

  • E-waste from devices

  • Sustainable customer

  • Sustainability education

Store 2.0

Vodacom launched the first of its kind store of the future in Fourways that introduces customers to a store that is digital-first and energy efficient while driving a seamless retail experience. Merging the physical with the digital, our innovative 'phygital' store will evolve to respond to customer needs and future retail trends, cementing the technology company's position as a market leader both locally and across the continent.
The new stores' seamless capabilities and solutions feature in-store touch screens that allow customers to book appointments, scan through Vodacom's catalogue, secure the best package 


While the impact of our business on biodiversity is relatively low, we aim to understand whether the activities of our value chain contribute to the loss of biodiversity in any way. We also work closely with conservation agencies to explore the role of technology in minimising biodiversity loss in our operating markets.

Vodacom signed a memorandum of understanding with the Endangered Wildlife Trust to develop a biodiversity mainstreaming readiness assessment. This will help us understand the risks of biodiversity loss and opportunities to partner with stakeholders to prevent further harm to our rich natural heritage.

Through our principal membership of the WWF, we continue to leverage technology to support various conservation efforts, including anti-poaching programmes of endangered wildlife species. We evolved our approach to siting and constructing new base stations to exploring co-sharing opportunities with other telcos. 

We also incorporate natural habitats within our infrastructure, including wetlands, nesting for birdlife, and planting indigenous vegetation at our office buildings. The construction of our towers and masts is often in the guise of trees that blend into the natural environment. 

Products & Services

To generate brand love by amplifying Vodacom's Planet drive and by providing customers with products and services to help them reduce their impact on the environment.

Good-as-new offers: Devices are refurbished and reintroduced to the market at affordable price points to extend their life cycle.

Eco Rating of Devices and Accessories: Enabling conscious purchasing by providing the consumer with the device's eco rating information. All devices are in scope for this offering.


Frequently asked questions

    Protecting the Planet is part of Vodacom’s purpose led journey to improve the lives of the next 100 million customers and halve our environment impact by 2025.

    Electronic waste or e-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the world. However, e-waste is increasingly being diverted from landfill towards recycling and recovery, creating much-needed jobs.

    Vodacom has introduced the Redlovesgreen initiative to encourage customers to donate or recycle old devices conveniently from the comfort and safety of their homes.

    You can rest assure that Vodacom will either donate your device to a deserving student or recycle it responsibly.

    Vodacom’s Redlovesgreen campaign aligns with our purpose of connecting for a better future where protection of the planet is one of three focus areas. This campaign aims to create environmental awareness and encourages action towards a more sustainable future.

    Through the Redlovesgreen campaign we’re encouraging our customers to hand in their old and unused mobile devices.

    Depending on the condition, make and model of the device, Vodacom will ensure these devices are either:

    - donated to a deserving school
    - OR
    - recycled by one of Vodacom’s approved recycling agencies

    We will collect your used smartphones and tablets from you. These devices will be data wiped, reboxed and donated if they are in good condition.

    Through this campaign the first 100 customers who send their devices for donation or recycling will be rewarded with a Takealot voucher to the value of R400.

    All entries will be automatically entered into a draw to stand a chance to win an iPhone 12 Pro.

    Terms and Conditions


    Once your device is picked up from you, you will receive an SMS when it reaches Vodacom’s repair centre where it will be assessed for either donation or recycling.

    Devices that can be donated will be distributed to schools in South Africa which have been identified in collaboration with the Vodacom Foundation.

    Devices that are beyond economical repair will be passed onto Vodacom’s network of repair centres for responsible recycling.

    Vodacom will distribute the donated devices to the chosen schools in South Africa in collaboration with the Vodacom Foundation who work with a network of 3 000 schools from disadvantaged areas.

    The RedLovesGreen campaign is looking for any smartphone or tablet that is in working condition. Any donated device that can’t be used (e.g. due to damage or software incompatibility) will be responsibly recycled. Please note that we cannot accept any other devices.

    Donating your device is simple, fast and free of charge. Complete our online form and we will send a donation kit.

    Before returning your device, we recommend you do a full reset of the device to its default factory settings (e.g. no password or pin number or any cloud-based protection such as iCloud). Please also disable any ‘find my device’ functionality such as Find My iPhone. If ‘Find my device’ is not disabled, we will not be able to process or donate your device.

    Yes, donors are encouraged to include any chargers or other accessories (excluding SIM cards or memory cards). Please take extra care to remove any SIM cards or memory cards before donating or recycling your device.

    No. The Redlovesgreen campaign relies on the generosity of individuals to either donate or recycle their used devices. All devices sent in are non-returnable.