Add Apple Music to your Vodacom account in no time!

How to get the Apple Music service conveniently billed to your Vodacom account:

Apple Music
Apple Music

Step 1

Click on 'Add to my Vodacom bill' (above) and then verify your cell number

Apple Music

Step 2

You'll be redirected to view the Apple Music offer. Select the offer, accept the terms and conditions, and then tap "ADD APPLE MUSIC NOW"

Apple Music
Apple Music

Step 3

Enter your Vodacom Prepaid, Top Up or Contract cellphone number and tap 'Continue'. You'll then be asked to enter the 6-digit OTP received via SMS

Apple Music

Step 4

Look out for the SMS confirming activation of Apple Music on your Vodacom account

How to add Apple Music

Frequently Asked Questions:

    Yes, Vodacom Prepaid, Top Up and Contract customers can charge their Apple Music subscription to their Vodacom cellphone number.

    Due to the fact that a one-time pin is sent to your Vodacom number that you have entered, you will not be able to view the pin if you are using a data SIM card number which is in a mobile router device.

    Yes. Apple Music is available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC devices as well as other selected devices.

    You will need to cancel your existing subscription and then follow the How to guide to access the Apple Music offers page to add the service to your Vodacom account.

    The promotional offer of 3 months free Apple Music is only available to new Apple Music subscribers. Existing Apple Music subscribers do not qualify for this promotional offer.

    When adding Apple Music to your Vodacom account, you will be charged directly to the Vodacom cellphone number you have entered. If you would like to add a second account, you will need to set up the add to bill option on that specific cellphone number.

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