30 years ago Vodacom embarked on its journey as a budding startup with grand visions.

30 years from now Vodacom envisions itself as a beacon of innovation, aiming for 300 million customers, ongoing societal impact, and expansion beyond mobile boundaries. 
30 years ago my first position at Vodacom was a senior accountant in the general ledger budget control division. As we transitioned to computers, I provided Oracle training, ensuring a smooth transition and utilisation of the system, as well as overseeing budgeting and procurement.
"My first cellphone was a Motorola 5200"
My first call was likely occurred with a colleague within the office. Speaking of which, there’s a story about my former colleague, George, who was a photocopier technician. When he got his first cell phone, he carried it everywhere and even asked me to call him when he was in a taxi. One unfortunate day, he fell asleep in the taxi with his phone, and it got stolen.
My current smartphone is  Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Fold5. 
The tech gadget that I cannot live without are my smartphones.
An innovative tech product or service that revolutionised the world is probably the smartphone, particularly the Apple iPhone, stands out as an innovative tech product.
The most played song on my playlist is Ballerina Girl by Lionel Richie.
Top 3 apps that I use frequently are LinkedIn, VodaPay and Instagram.
The best piece of advice I have received was

from my former boss, Leon Crouse, who advised me not to move to Cape Town when a job offer arose. He encouraged to stay and build my career here.

In another life, I would have been a trader, CFO or running my own business.
My style icon is that’s a tough one. I don’t have a style icon. Perhaps I see myself as my own style inspiration.
My favourite restaurant is Haiku in Cape Town. I highly recommend trying their Singapore chilli prawns and chili chicken.
A city that means a lot to me locally, Cape Town. Internationally, would be New York. The vibrant energy and diverse food scene. There’s always so much happening, and I thoroughly enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and good vibes they offer.