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Flexi price plan update

Thank you for your continued support during these times. We are so excited to be your chosen network provider - keeping you fully connected to the things that matter most.

The COVID-19 landscape has led to an increased digital demand as we take much of our personal and professional lives online. As a result, we've been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy a world-class network experience.

As we move forward with 2022 and continue to provide a quality service, we are updating our Flexi price plans to ensure that our customers get the best airtime value possible.

If you have any questions our customer support team is here is assist you. Please contact us on 082 135 or visit your nearest Vodacom store to speak with one of our consultants.

From 01 June 2022, here are the Flexi price plan updates you can expect:

Flexi Plans

Moving From

Moving To

Old RED Flexi Price Plan

Old Price Incl VAT

NEW RED Flexi Price Plan

NEW Price Incl VAT

RED Flexi 65


RED Flexi 70


RED Flexi 125


RED Flexi 130


RED Flexi 175


RED Flexi 185


RED Flexi 230


RED Flexi 245


RED Flexi 390


RED Flexi 410


RED Flexi 550


RED Flexi 570


RED Flexi 810


RED Flexi 840


What price plan am I on?

How to check your price plan:

Prepaid Data Bundles icon
USSD Postpaid and Hybrid
  • Dial *135#
  • Select option 10 "Next" on the menu
  • Select option 2 "Services" from the menu
  • Select option 5 "My Price Plan" from the menu
  • You will be shown the name of your current price plan
Prepaid Data Bundles icon
My Vodacom App

Make sure you are using the latest version of the My Vodacom App (check if there are updates on the Google Play or Apple App store)

  • Open the My Vodacom App
  • Click the "More" menu at the bottom right-hand side of the screen, then click "Manage Number"
  • Log in when prompted
  • Your price plan information will be shown here
internet icon
My Vodacom Web
  • Visit www.vodacom.co.za on your web browser
  • Click "log in" at the top right of the page and enter your credentials
  • A summary balances page will be shown
  • Your plan details will be displayed on the summary page