Vodacom subscription price update 2023

As South Africa's leading network, we're committed to keeping you connected.

As part of this, one of our top priorities is to provide value through the products and services we offer. Despite the range of challenges we are facing including increased battery theft, base station vandalism and a difficult economic climate with inflation, exchange rate pressures and intensified loadshedding, we remain committed to keeping our prices as low as possible.

From 1 April 2023, there will be an average tariff plan increase of 6.7%. This only applies to the tariff plan and not the overall bill, meaning there is no change to your handset financing or any value-added services. When it comes to your total bill, this means an average increase of 4.2%.

To further absorb as much of the costs as possible, and to make sure you get the best value for money, we've added in additional airtime to your plan.

Here are the subscription price updates from 1 June 2023:

To view details of the revised prices, see the table below


FLEXI Price plans

Current Price Plan Names

New Price Plan Names

Current Price Incl. VAT

New Price Incl. VAT

RED Flexi 70

RED Flexi 75



RED Flexi 130

RED Flexi 140



RED Flexi 185

RED Flexi 200



RED Flexi 245

RED Flexi 260



RED Flexi 410

RED Flexi 440



RED Flexi 570

RED Flexi 600



RED Flexi 840

RED Flexi 900




Legacy FLEXI Price plans

Current Price Plan Names

New Price Plan Names

Current Price Incl. VAT

New Price Incl. VAT

RED Flexi 105

RED Flexi 110



RED Flexi 115 Monthly

RED Flexi 120 Monthly



RED Flexi 115

RED Flexi 120



RED Flexi 125 Monthly

RED Flexi 130 Monthly



RED Flexi 160 Monthly

RED Flexi 170 Monthly



RED Flexi 160

RED Flexi 170



RED Flexi 175 Monthly

RED Flexi 185 Monthly



RED Flexi 210

RED Flexi 225



RED Flexi 210 Monthly

RED Flexi 225 Monthly



RED Flexi 230 Monthly

RED Flexi 245 Monthly



RED Flexi 370

RED Flexi 395



RED Flexi 370 Monthly

RED Flexi 395 Monthly



RED Flexi 390 Monthly

RED Flexi 415 Monthly



RED Flexi 525 Monthly

RED Flexi 560 Monthly



RED Flexi 525

RED Flexi 560



RED Flexi 550 Monthly

RED Flexi 585 Monthly



RED Flexi 790

RED Flexi 845



RED Flexi 810 Monthly

RED Flexi 865 Monthly



If you have any questions, view our helpful FAQs, give us a call on 082 135 or visit your nearest Vodacom store.

We look forward to keeping you connected, always.

Frequently asked questions

What price plan am I on?

How to check your price plan:

USSD Postpaid and Hybrid

  1. Dial *135#

  2. Select option 10 Next on the menu

  3. Select option 2 "Services" from the menu

  4. Select option 5 "My Price Plan" from the menu

  5. You will be shown the name of your current price plan

My Vodacom App

Make sure you are using the latest version of the My Vodacom App (check if there are updates on the Google Play or Apple App store).

  1. Open the My Vodacom App.

  2. Click the "More" menu at the bottom right hand side of the screen, then click "Manage Number".

  3. Login when prompted.

  4. Your price plan information will be shown here.

My Vodacom Web

Visit vodacom.co.za on your web browser.

  1. Click "log in" at the top right of the page and enter your credentials.

  2. A summary balances page will be shown.

  3. Your plan details will be displayed on the summary page.

Call our customer care

  1. From a Vodacom line dial 135 and they will assist

  2. From a Non-Vodacom line dial 082 135 and they will assist

Why is there a price increase?

Due to increased battery theft and base station vandalism, the difficult economic environment, including inflationary and exchange rate pressures made worse by the impact of intensified stages of loadshedding, Vodacom has had to review its tariff pricing. Despite this, we are still committed to keeping our prices as low as possible.

When will the price increase come into effect?

From 1 June 2023.

Will the price increase be applied to all plans?

No, it will only be applied to selected RED FLEXI plans.

What price increase can I expect?

You can see your specific increase and the full breakdown of changes in the above table.

What is my new monthly subscription amount?

You can see your specific price plan increase and the detail in the above table.

Will any of my other plans be impacted?

If you have more than one plan with us, then there is a chance they could be impacted. To check, please contact customer care on 135. 

How do I change my plan?

You can contact our customer care team on 135 or 082 135 to assist with this

How do I cancel my plan?

You can contact our customer care team on 135 or 082 135 to assist with this.

Will this price increase affect the bundles I buy?

No, it won't.

Will my device financing also increase?

No, it won't. Your device financing will stay the same.

Are you allowed to change the price of my plan?

Vodacom reserves the right to change the terms and conditions where necessary, charges levied by Vodacom may vary from time to time and Vodacom shall provide you with at least 20 (twenty) business days' notice of such variations before they take effect. 

The price of my plan increased but I wasn’t notified?

We sent out communication to all affected customers (via email and SMS) between 1 - 2 March 2023.

I have a two-line deal, will I get a price increase on both lines?

If your second line is free, then the 100% discount will still apply.

Does the price increase apply to family deals with 3 lines?

If the lines are chargeable then yes, the price increase will apply to them too.

Will I get a price increase if I signed up for a Black Friday promotion in November?

If you took out a RED Integrated plan - Top Up, Smart or RED - then yes you will get a price increase. To check, see the full breakdown of changes in the above table.

I am on a month-to-month plan, does the price increase apply to me?

Yes, the increase applies to in-contract and out-of-contract customers on a month-to month.

Will I get a price increase if I only just took out a plan (between January – March)?

Customers who have recently taken out a new plan from Jan - March 2023, will receive a 3 month grace period where Vodacom will apply a discount before the price increase is effected on the 1 July 2023 - applicable to new customers only.

Will I get a price increase on if I upgrade my existing contract between March - May?

Customers who upgrade between March - May will get a price increase effective 1 June 2023.