Setting up your SIM Card and Connecting your Router

Step 1
SIM PIN removal
  1. To ensure that you can set up successfully, please ensure that the PIN to the Data SIM has been removed before inserting it into the router. You can do this by:

    1. Removing the data SIM from the starter pack

    2. Inserting the Home Internet SIM Card into a mobile device.

    3.  Navigate to your mobile devices security settings and disable the SIM Pin Lock

  2. Once this is done, you can remove the data SIM from your mobile device

Step 2
SIM insertion & switching on
  1. Insert your Home Internet data SIM Card into the Router. You can do this by:

    1. Opening the Micro SIM slot cover

    2. Inserting the data SIM into the SIM slot

    3. For more details, follow the quick start guideline included in your router box

  2. Plug the Router in and switch it on

  3. Please note that it is not advised to remove the Data SIM from the router while it is in use

Step 3
Establishing a WiFi network
  1. To make sure the WiFi is enabled, check if the WiFi LED on your device is blue.
  2. Turn on WiFi on the device you wish to connect
  3. Search for the WiFi network name on your device
    1. The network name (SSID) can be found ona the bottom of the router, along with the WiFi key (password)
  4. Click 'Connect' and enter the WiFi key.
Huawei B535