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Vodacom offers ABSA employees unbeatable pricing on high-speed fibre plans.

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Vodacom Fibre

With our selection of incredible uncapped fibre deals, you'll find the perfect plan to suit your needs and budget.

I want to order a Vodacom Fibre service, what should I do?

To place an order for Vodacom Fibre service, you must first confirm the availability of fibre in your area using one of the following methods:

What is the installation process?
  • Once you've completed your application, your order is processed and added to the network build plan.
  • The fibre network is then rolled out in your area according to the build schedule.
  • The installation partner will contact you for an appointment to survey your home and plan the installation.
  • Once the installation plan is agreed upon, a separate appointment will be made with you for the installation partner to install the Vodacom Fibre service and required equipment at your home.
Can I take my Vodacom Fibre Broadband service with me if I relocate?

Service relocations will be allowed subject to the availability of fibre infrastructure at the location you're moving to.

If our Vodacom team can provide Internet services at your new location, you'll be offered a service similar to the service you had at your previous location. However, you will incur additional costs relating to the provisioning of the service at the new location.

Please note: If the relocation is to an area without a fibre network, then your current contract may be cancelled without any penalty and you'll remain liable for the cost of the Customer Premises Equipment (WiFi-enabled router).