Benefits of eSIM

Multiple numbers on one device

Multiple numbers on one device

Link up to 8 virtual profiles on a single device. The same applies to international numbers.

Safer to switch eSIMs than plastic SIMs

Safer to switch eSIMs than plastic SIMs

Compared to a plastic to plastic SIM card swap, the process of an eSIM swap has a lower fraud risk.

Friendlier for our planet

Friendlier for our planet

No plastic is needed to create an eSIM as in the case with plastic SIM cards.

Share your plan with multiple devices

Share your plan with multiple devices

With OneNumber, you can share your current SIM or eSIM plan with 
a second device.

Getting Started with Vodacom eSIM

Where to buy

Visit you nearest Vodacom Store. Suitable for all Vodacom customers - prepaid, top-up, and contract.

Simple Setup

Activate your eSIM in minutes using a QR code or push notification.

Device Compatibility

Works with all eSIM-enabled smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

How to Activate Your eSIM

Prepaid Customers

Purchase an eSIM and receive a QR code on your till slip.

Top-Up & Contract Customers

Get your QR code via email.

Scan the QR Code

Follow on-screen prompts to complete the activation.

Check Your Device Compatibility

Android Users

Android Users

Go to the “SIM manager/ Mobile Networks/SIM cards & mobile networks” settings.

Apple Users

Apple Users

Check under "Mobile Data" or "Mobile Service" in Settings for the eSIM option.

Frequently asked questions

How long will the activation take?

Activating your eSIM takes a short time.

Can I activate a Vodacom eSIM outside of South Africa?

All Vodacom eSIM connections need to be activated within South Africa.

Which devices are supported?

Vodacom supports all eSIM enabled devices.

Does eSIM work with OneNumber?

eSIM works with OneNumber, if possible, we would suggest that you activate your OneNumber first and then move to eSIM afterwards.

Can I SIM swap from an eSIM to a plastic SIM?

You can revert to a plastic SIM card anytime you wish

What happens if I delete my eSIM?
  • As a contract or top-up customer, you will need to contact our customer care team to request them to resend you the QR code of which you will need to re-scan. As a prepaid customer you will need to do a SIM Swap on your eSIM if you no longer have your QR code.
  • In a case where you still have your QR code, you can simply re-scan it and the eSIM will be downloaded onto the device.
I don’t have a plastic SIM card; can I still get an eSIM?

eSIM is available for all new activations. 
In a case where you have lost/stolen your phone, you will need to replace with a physical SIM first before moving to eSIM.

Can I add a new line?

Add online rules will stay as it and will not change as a result of you opting for an eSIM.

Does eSIM work with data share?

Yes, eSIM works with all our offerings unless eSIM forms part of an exclusion list on that product.

Can I transfer my eSIM from one device to the other using self-service (on the phone)?
  • Currently in South Africa we don’t have this ability, we are working with different stakeholders to enable this functionality very soon.
  • In the meantime, you will need to do a SIM Swap when requiring your eSIM to be moved from one device to another. 
Can I use my eSIM on another device?

Currently this is not allowed as we deem it as a security risk. Customers will have to perform a SIM Swap for their own protection

What if I lost my eSIM QR code?
  • For prepaid customers, unfortunately you will have to purchase a new eSIM.
  • For top-up and postpaid, customer care will be able to re-send the QR code via email. 
What if I lost my confirmation code?

For top-up and postpaid, customer care or in-store agent will be able to re-send the confirmation code via email.