How to cancel services, including your Vodacom contract.

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How to cancel your contract

Contract Cancellation FAQs

How do I cancel my Vodacom contract prematurely?

A Premature Cancellation is when you request to terminate your airtime agreement before the end of its 24 or 36-month period.

  • To cancel your contract early, request a cancellation quote from Vodacom.

  • Review and approve the quote provided.

  • Choose a date for cancellation, following the 30-day notice period.

Will there be a fee for canceling my contract early?

Yes, the cancellation fee includes one month's subscription, unbilled usage, and outstanding balance.

Is there a cancellation fee if my contract end date has passed?

No Cancellation Fee is charged when your contract end date has passed.

Prepaid FAQ’s

Can I keep my current number on prepaid?

Yes, you can keep your number on prepaid by following specific steps after conversion. See this article for more info.
Contact Vodacom customer service to inquire about converting your contract or top-up to prepaid.

  • You can switch from contract or top-up to prepaid. Contact Vodacom to request the conversion.

  • Ensure your contract term is completed before converting to prepaid.

  • Note that unused airtime and bundles might be forfeited upon conversion.

  • After conversion, recharge your prepaid account within 24 hours to use services. Top Up customers will be able to make a call once the conversion process is complete and they have airtime credit and are not required to recharge.

  • If desired, keep your number on prepaid by recharging and following specific steps.

Will I lose my contract bundles?

Contract customers will lose any bundles that they may have, SMS or Data bundles, upon conversion.

Will I lose my Top Up balance?

Top Up customers will be able to maintain their airtime credit, SMS or data bundle if applicable upon conversion.

Fibre FAQ’s

How much notice do I need to give for canceling my fibre contract?

A 30-day notice is required for canceling your fibre contract.

I would like to cancel my request to cancel the fibre service.

Contact us to cancel your cancellation request. Call our Customer Care line on 082 1904 If you wish to cancel your fibre contract or interim solution, contact Vodacom.

  • Confirm your contract's end date.

  • Provide a 30-day notice for cancellation.

VodaPay FAQ’s

How do I cancel VodaPay?

You may deactivate your Enhanced Wallet on 30 days' notice by contacting VPS via the instant chat on the VPS Platform.
Use the instant chat feature on the VPS Platform to contact VodaPay support for deactivating your Enhanced Wallet. You can also call or email VodaPay Support at 082 241 0016 or email [email protected].

How can I contact VodaPay?

Message us on WhatsApp on 082 622 3509

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