Vodacom mobility services - privacy supplement

This information is to be used as supplement to give some general information around the processing conducted for mobile connectivity services to provide further context to our main privacy policy.

Vodacom's main role in mobile is providing the connectivity to your device. In order for you to be able to send messages, call or browse the internet, we need to process data such as your allocated phone number so that we know who is initiating the connection, for things like billing. Data is also generated through your use of your mobile; for example, the time, length, date and location of the connection whenever you use it.

When you first set up your mobile device, we need to activate your SIM card, which will involve us processing your SIM card number (ICCID) and your phone number in order to know which features you have paid for and set up. Some newer devices (such as the Apple Watch) have an eSIM which is an electronic SIM card rather than the physical one you may be used to putting in your device.

Note that device manufacturers will also process some data about your use of their device as well as through your interaction with their native applications. If you want to manage your preferences around how your data is processed, you can do so in the settings of the device's operating system. If there is a change to processing conducted by the device manufacturer or your operating system, they will notify you either on your device or through the communications channels you have registered with.

In the case of Vodacom-branded devices, manufacturers process limited information (such as the network you're on and your IMEI number - which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity) in order to provide automatic software updates to your device. We also make sure that our devices are tested against a number of different criteria, including security.

When you first set up your Vodacom-branded mobile phone, we will ask you whether you're happy to let us collect some anonymous information about your device and the quality of its connectivity. Providing this information is not mandatory and you will be able to opt out of any diagnostic and usage data collection at any time - just go to the settings in your device. Opting out will not compromise the functionality or operation of your device in any way. You can find more details in the notice we show you when we ask for your permission - this information remains available in the settings.

It's important to let you know that third-party content providers like Amazon and Takealot.com will have their own terms of use, privacy and cookies policies that apply to you when you access their content on your mobile. Make sure you're familiar with these and understand how they use your information before downloading or using their services.