My Vodacom App - privacy supplement

This privacy supplement gives some general information around app usage. For further information about privacy, please see our main privacy policy. If you're using an app together with another service such as mobile, read those sections too.

There are a range of Vodacom apps, including the My Vodacom app. The privacy policy also applies to those apps, but there will also sometimes be an additional privacy supplement provided with the app itself with more information. In those cases, both will apply.

When you download or use a Vodacom app, information may be accessed from or stored on your device. This will let it operate and function as well as remember you.

To provide you with the service, communicate with you and to work to improve our services, we'll need to collect information about your device (for example, type, unique identifiers, its operating system, if you're using 3G or 4G, etc.), app ID and information about your use of the app. Additional information may also be collected to provide you with the requested service.

Each app will set out the preferences it requires to operate, some of which you may be able to opt out of in some cases.

Opting out of certain preferences may, however, affect the functionality of certain services and apps. For example, if you opt out of the location-based feature on your device, you may find that an app doesn't operate.

It's important to flag that, where you choose to download or use an app not operated by Vodacom, those apps are subject to their own terms of use and privacy and cookies policies. Make sure you're familiar with those before downloading or using that app. We can't be responsible for the security and content of such third-party apps.