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Vodacom Legal

Vodacom Legal

The law is expensive, so it's important to have powerful legal cover that saves you money.

  • Access to legal assistance when you need it most

    Access to legal assistance when you need it most

    We'll have your back when you're drowning in debt; getting married, being arrested; taking care of family; signing contracts; going to court and being sued; in trouble at work or getting divorced.

  • 24 hour emergency assistance (bail)

    24 hour emergency assistance (bail)

    We give you access to a 24-hour Legal Emergency Line, which is ideal in the case of (for instance) afterhour bail applications.

  • Mediate before you litigate

    Mediate before you litigate

    Mediation is all about resolving a dispute outside of the courtroom (i.e. not through litigation). At Vodacom Legal, we employ skilled mediators who are dedicated to doing their best for our clients. They are also qualified lawyers.

  • Access to a variety of contracts

    Access to a variety of contracts

    Like sale and lease agreements – all set up and ready for you to use. Simply contact our Legal Call Centre (082 178 00) to get access to our templates.

Why do I need Legal Insurance?

  • The law is expensive

    The law is expensive

    The law is expensive, and a court case or legal dispute can ruin you financially. Make sure you are covered.

  • Avoid lengthy courtroom battles

    Avoid lengthy courtroom battles

    Going to court isn't always the best way to find a quick or effective solution to your legal problems. We help you to reach an amicable and effective outcome faster through mediation.

  • Expert legal advice

    Expert legal advice

    We assign your case to a Legal Advisor who gets to work right away. The Advisor will listen to your legal problem, ask you questions and give you expert legal advice.

To get Legal Cover


Call 082 178 00

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Who can get Legal Cover?


You must have a valid South African Identity Document.


You must be between 18 and 65 years of age to apply for cover.


Available to customers on any network provider - you don't have to be a Vodacom customer.

Got a question?

What if my policy doesn't cover a specific matter?

Don’t worry! Even if your matter is specifically excluded from cover, we can still refer you to one of our Panel Attorneys nationwide. He or she will then assist you at a discounted rate. We can also refer you to a forum that can help you out in exchange for a small fee – or free of charge!

How do I get legal assistance?

1. Give us a call on 082 178 00

2. Email your problem to [email protected]

What is mediation?

Mediation involves a Mediator who assists parties in resolving a dispute outside of the courtroom. It’s about talking, listening, identifying issues, clarifying priorities and finding a compromise. Going to court is expensive and can take between 2 to 3 years for a case to be resolved – that’s a long time to wait! Our courts are overworked, and nowadays you can’t go to court before you’ve tried to mediate your case. We’ll negotiate matters and find a quick resolution that will benefit you.
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