Terms And Conditions

A taxi service for ladies by ladies - a lady driver will take you home if you’ve had too much to drink, your car is in for a service, your car breaks down or you need a lift to the airport.

The service includes automated SMS communication services, which will SMS the beneficiary on the afternoon of their booking so that, should they wish to change their collection detail. The driving team consists of a back-up driver and vehicle, and lead driver who will drive the beneficiary home in their own vehicle or if preferred, in the vehicle dispatched. The back-up driver will follow and collect the lead driver from the beneficiary’s house.

*This service is available subject to availability in peak periods (We will define peak period based on stats e.g. New Year’s Eve & Friday nights etc. Service is limited to a 4-passenger vehicle including luggage suited to the vehicles maximum capacity* Passenger vehicles larger than a 4-passenger vehicle are excluded from this service offering.

Service Centres: 

• Johannesburg 

• Pretoria 

• Cape Town 

• George 

• Port Elizabeth 

• Durban 

• East London 

• Nelspruit 

• Bloemfontein 

The benefit includes home drive trips to a radius of 50km per incident. Any additional kilometres travelled will be charged at R11 per km. Should the beneficiary require additional trips, which are in excess of their annual trip entitlement, the call centre will facilitate the booking on a beneficiary to pay basis.

Additional passengers/drop off: 

Service is available to a valid beneficiary and limited to their specified vehicles only. Up to 4 additional passengers can be transported at no cost, provided that the entire trip is no longer than 50km and takes no longer than 1 hour and are ALL transported to one/main booked address. An additional cost of R50 per additional /unplanned drop off will be charged. This arrangement needs to be discussed and authorised by our call centre to ensure efficient planning and upfront payment (warding off the potential threat to our drivers, when carrying cash).

Cancellation fees: 

• 2 hours prior to booked collection time – no charge 

• 1 hour prior to booked collection time – R160 

• Less than 1 hour – R320

For any queries please contact us on 082 17 800


We will provide immediate access to a team of dedicated case managers, together with a national complement of accredited assistance service providers who will assist with roadside emergencies. This is only applicable when the service is requested through us. Parts and repairs are not included. 

The services include: 

• Flat battery 

We will arrange to have the vehicle jump started. This service is offered whether the vehicle breaks down at home or on the road. Vehicles under warranty will be towed to the nearest franchise dealer. 

• Keys locked in vehicle 

We will arrange for a locksmith to open the vehicle and retrieve the car keys. If the locksmith cannot resolve the problem at the scene, additional costs of towing or repairs are not covered. 

• Flat tyre 

We will arrange to have the tyre changed using the spare tyre. In the event that there is no spare tyre, a tow truck can be arranged for client’s account. These services are offered whether the vehicle breaks down at home or on the road. 

• Run out of fuel 

We will arrange for fuel to be delivered to the client. We will supply up to 10 litres of fuel. This is limited to 1 incident per annum. Additional fuel can be arranged at client’s cost.

• Mechanical and electrical breakdown 

The service provider will tow a vehicle to the nearest franchise dealer (if under warranty) or to the nearest repairer. These services are offered whether your vehicle breaks down at home or on the road. 

• Storage 

We will arrange, at the client’s cost, for the safe storage of the vehicle overnight or weekend where necessary. On the next working day, the vehicle will be relocated to the nearest approved dealer or repairer. Only the first tow covered. Additional tows are for the client’s account. 

• Transmission of urgent messages 

We will relay messages of delay or changed arrangements to a nominated family member, employee or business colleague at a client’s request. 

The Roadside Assistance benefits are limited to the specified vehicle and driver whose details are captured at date of sale. The benefits listed under Roadside Assistance are limited to a single incident per annum per benefit type, i.e. one jump start, one tyre change per annum.

For any queries please contact us on 082 17 800