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Vodacom Direct Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions is applicable to all new connections and upgrades processed through the Vodacom Direct Call Centre channel

  • Table of Contents

    1. Delivery

    2. RICA

    3. Activation

    4. Contract Refunds (14 Day return/Out of Box Failure)

    5. Billing

  1. Delivery

    1. Delivery will take place within  3-5 working days between Monday and Friday (8am-5pm), no weekend or public holidays.

  2. RICA

    1. Due to legislative requirements: upon delivery the customer is required to present the following documentation to the courier driver for verification purposes:

      • Original ID document / Passport; and

      • Proof of Physical Address - Not older than 3 months

    2. The following will result in an unsuccessful delivery and the package will be immediately returned by the courier driver to Vodacom SA

      • In the event that the Customer is unable to produce any of the above documentation,

      • In the event that the customer is not available for delivery, the courier driver will not deliver the package to a third party. 

  3. Activation

    1. "Activation Date" shall mean the date of activation of the Sim card on the Vodacom Network.

    2. Upon successful delivery of the package, the Sim card will be automatically activated( within 24 – 48 hours)

    3. To ensure successful activation, insert the sim card into the device and leave the device switched off for a period of 5 hours to allow the Activation to go through.

    4. Should the line  not be activated, kindly contact our Vodacom Support team on 082 1945(free from a Vodacom number)

  4. Contract Refunds (14 Day Return/Out of Box Failure)

    1. Should the customer not be completely satisfied with the purchase, the customer may return the package for a full refund provided that:

      • The customer contact the Vodacom Support team on 0821945 to arrange collection.

      • The product is returned within 14 days from date of receipt.

      • The product is undamaged and is in its original packaging including all accessories and any other promotional items, if any

      • The IMEI  number on the box must match the IMEI number of the device

      • No partial returns will be allowed e.g.: All Bundled goods must be returned as a bundle and not parts of.

  5. Billing

    1. Upon successful Activation of the contract, the customer will be billed a pro rata subscription amount within 24 to 48 hours.

    2. The pro rata subscription amount will be calculated from the date of Activation up to and including the last day of the same month.

    3. The pro rata subscription amount will be debited directly from the customer's nominated bank account.