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Vodacom 4 Less

Terms and Conditions

To avoid any misunderstandings, please take a moment to read these important terms and conditions.

By subscribing to the Service ("the Service"), you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

  1. The Service is available to Vodacom Prepaid customers and Top Up customers that are on the Vodacom4Less 99 packages V4L R99 and V4L R199 plans only.

  2. All Vodacom prepaid customers who are already on this tariff or have free changed to it will qualify for discounts. 

  3. The discount is applicable to voice calls and 3G video calls only (excluding premium rated calls, international calls, calls made while roaming on an international network and data calls).

  4. Discounts on the Service apply to on-net and off-net voice and video calls regardless of the time of day.

  5. Discounts will vary depending on time of day, geographic location and whether calls are to Vodacom cell phone numbers or numbers from other networks. The discount that applied to the area where the call was initiated will apply as the discount should the customer move into another area during a call.

  6. All data services are excluded from discounts (SMS, MMS, USSD). 

  7. Vodacom 4 Less is available to all new and existing Prepaid customers through Free Change via existing channels (1181 IVR, *135# USSD, www.Vodacom.co.za and My Vodacom App)

  8. The Service is subject to per second billing.

  9. Message forwarding, through connect and reconnect functionalities don’t qualify for the discounts offered on the Service. 

  10. Customers will not lose any unused airtime, accumulated loyalty points and SMS bundles when migrating to the Service from another Prepaid price plan

  11. When on the Vodacom 4 Less price plan, customers will continue to earn Talking Points when recharging with airtime vouchers. 

  12. In order to view the discounts on the cellphone screen, customers can activate Cell Broadcast / Cell Info display on their cellphones. NOTE: The % discount will replace the area info, so customers will not be able to view their area info. 

  13. If a customer is on the Vodacom 3G network, they will not receive the Cell Broadcast due to 3G network configuration restrictions.

  14. Customers can dial *135*444# to find out what the current call discount is for the particular area they are in at that time. 


  1. Vodacom will use its best efforts to secure the uninterrupted supply of the Service, and will take all reasonable steps to correct any error, omission or mistake in the Service.

  2. Vodacom will under no circumstance be liable to you for any error, delay, failure or non-availability of the Service, and are indemnified against any damage or loss you may sustain as a result of the aforesaid

  3. Vodacom reserves the right to modify or discontinue either temporarily or permanently, the Services with or without notice to you. You agree that Vodacom shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuation of the Service.

  4. Vodacom has the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time with the method of notice determined by Vodacom.