Video Time Bundles

Terms and Conditions

1.       Video Play Time Bundle offer Vodacom subscribers who use the Video Play app an opportunity to purchase Video Time. Video Time can be used to stream Video Play content without the subscriber using their existing mobile data to stream.

2.       Once-off Video Play Time Bundles are available for purchase by Vodacom subscribers and to use when consuming content on the Vodacom Video Play service.

3.       Subscribers can purchase an unlimited number of Once-Off Video Time Bundles for use when consuming content on Vodacom Video Play.

4.       Video Time bundles are available on a per minute basis.

5.       All the prices of the once-off Video Time Bundles include VAT.

6.       Video Time Bundles can be purchased from the Video Play digital storefront.

7.       Subscribers can dynamically select their Video Time allocation on per minute increments.

8.       Video Time offerings will be available on a once-off basis and will not automatically be re-allocated.

9.       All once-off Video Time Bundles will have a validity period of 7 days and will expire at 23:59 on the indicated day, from and including the day of purchase; consecutively.

10.   Should the subscriber deplete their Video Time offering prior to the expiry date, further usage will be charged in accordance to the subscriber’s existing tariff or depleted from any other valid/available data bundle as per the subscriber existing tariff plan.

11.   Video Play subscribers who purchase a once-off Video Time Bundle will receive bundle usage in-app notifications pertaining to the specific once-off Video Data bundle purchased.

12.   Once-off Video Time Bundles do not have an out-of-bundle rate. If the allocated once-off Video Time bundle is depleted data usage will revert to other available video data bundles and if there are none, data will be consumed at a per MB rate at the existing applicable Prepaid or Post-paid subscriber tariff plan.

13.   Video Time bundles will be the first paid for bundles to be depleted when streaming on Video Play App. 

14.   In the case of the bundle purchase of multiple once-off Video Time Bundles, the bundles will not expire independently. The validity of the latest once-off Video Time bundle bought will be applicable for all bundles.

15.   Video Time bundles will only be available for consumption on devices connected to the Vodacom network.

16.   Video Time bundles unique user identifier for consumption is the users Video Digital ID (Main Account MSISDN) and not a physical sim MSISDN. This means that a subscriber must have the Main Account sim inserted into the device when using Time Bundles in order for Time Bundles to deplete. 

17.   The channels in which subscribers can check their Video Time balances are the Video Play Digital Storefront Balance View for Summary and Detailed views.

18.   The purchase of all once-off Vodacom Video Time Bundles will be deducted from the subscribers’ rechargeable airtime for prepaid and uChoose subscribers.

19.   The purchase of all once-off Vodacom Video Time Bundles will be added onto the subscriber's monthly bill for post-paid subscribers.

20.   Any unused once-off Vodacom Video Time Bundles that expire at the end of the validity period will be forfeited and cannot be claimed back by the subscriber. No carry over rules apply.

21.   Once-off Vodacom Video Time Bundles will deplete on content consumption usage on the Video Play app service for streaming or downloading content.

22.   Subscribers’ bundles will be depleted in accordance to the subscriber’s time usage for stream and download with regrading to playback length and not the volume of data sent and received while connected.

·         When a Video Time bundle is used to stream content, the bundle will be depleted according to the user’s actual contents playback length time. This includes additional time incurred when the user forwards or rewinds the asset (i.e. a user attempts to stream a 116 minute movie but rewinds the asset 5 min to re-watch a section therefore the total time depleted from the users active Video Time bundle is 121 minutes).

·         When a Video Time bundle is used to download content, the bundle will deplete according to the play time length of the asset (i.e. a 116 minute length movie will deplete 116 minutes of an active Video Time bundle). Note: the time it takes to download the asset it irrelevant.

23.   Once-off Vodacom Video Time Bundles will not be depleted for data usage on browsing or video previews on Video Play.

24.   Should the subscriber select/click on a link that directs them away from Video Play specific stream or download, usage will be billed in accordance to the subscriber’s tariff or depleted from any other valid/available data bundle.

25.   When a Prepaid or Postpaid subscriber that has a once-off Video Time bundle associated to their Video Play account migrates to a different price plan or contract time, their Video Time bundle will be maintained through their migration or upgrade.

26.   The once-off Video Time Bundles do not apply when a subscriber is  data roaming.