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Summer Gigs Terms and Conditions

  1. Promo Participation

    1. The commercial launch for Summer Gigs promotion will officially run from 27 October 2018 until 15 January 2019. The amendment will affect the previously lodged Terms and Conditions dated 17 October 2018.

    2. Vodacom reserves the right to change or extend the promotional period based on reasonable prior notice

    3. Customers can join the Summer Gigs promotion at any time (throughout its duration). To join, customers will need to opt in via the My Vodacom App or via USSD (by dialing *133#).

    4. The promotion is available to all Vodacom Prepaid, Top Up and Postpaid customers (new and existing)

    5. The promotion is not available to:

      • Community Services based numbers

      • Cellphone numbers or accounts paid fully by a corporate company

      • Machine - to - Machine(M2M)

    6. Postpaid customers include:

      • Customers who pay for their own contract accounts

      • Customers whose account are paid for by an employer - out of bundle cost paid for by the customer

    7. Customers are only required to opt in once in order to participate in the promotion. To opt out of the promotion, customers must select the opt out option on the Summer Gigs promotion page (My Vodacom and APP).

    8. By opting out of the Summer Gigs promotion:

      • All data collected on the day of opt-out will NOT be rewarded the following day (daily bonus reward). Any data used after opt out will no longer be included as part of the promotion.

      • Customers will retain acquired entry into the monthly grand prize draw (provided the draw has not taken place), subsequently (from day of opt out) will not happen.

    9. Once a customer has opted out of the promotion, they are required to opt in again in order to participate.

    10. Opt - in

      • Customers who opt in, provide Vodacom permission to look up their user location prior to being allocated bonus reward data. Vodacom protects participants' personal information according to The Privacy Act.

      • Customers are providing Vodacom permission to monitor the type of data and or internet connection being used.

      • Customers who opt in, provide Vodacom permission to use their information for any further marketing purposes.

    11. A Vodacom subscriber may participate in any other Vodacom promotion that is available during the Summer Gigs promotional period.

  2. Usage

    1. From the time of opt in (participation), Vodacom will monitor customer data, Internet usage and connectivity in order to establish the customer's total qualifying daily usage.

    2. To be awarded a Summer Gigs daily reward bundle on the following day (ranging from 10% to 100%), customers' are required to use a minimum of 10MB of chargeable data.

    3. The purpose of the below table is to give you a view of the data that counts towards your daily or weekly data bonus reward or does not count

  3. Data Allocation

    1. Based on the collected data (bought by the customer and deducted as a result of usage), the data will be summed up at 23:59 (day of collection) for reward allocation the next day.

    2. To view the total amount of data consumed on the day, (towards your daily reward bonus bundle), customers can visit the My Vodacom App or dial *133# and select the 'My Data Used' option.

    3. Only one Summer Gigs daily reward bonus bundle will be allocated per day, per customer.

    4. Bonus reward bundles will be automatically allocated and each customer will be notified via SMS once it is available for consumption

    5. Any data consumption that occurs prior to the bonus reward bundle allocation, may not be claimed from the Summer Gigs bonus data bundle.

    6. Vodacom reserves the right to vary offers as deemed necessary. The daily bonus reward bundle will

      • Range from 10% to 100% (depending on the total amount of chargeable data used and or collected and individual data usage);

      • Be allocated once a day.

      • Be valid for one day from the time of allocation to 23:59 on the day.

    7. To view allocated your daily bonus reward bundle, visit the My Vodacom App or dial *133# and select the 'My Rewards' option.

    8. Bonus reward bundle received as a result of the Summer Gigs promotion is not transferable to another customer.

    9. Once the allocated Summer Gigs bonus reward bundle has been depleted or expires,the cost of additional usage will be:

      • Deducted (from you existing bundle) or

      • Deducted from airtime balance (prepaid and Top Up) - aligned with customer Price Plan or

      • Added (postpaid) to customer's monthly bill - aligned with contract

      • Once available data bundles and airtime balances are depleted, further data usage will be terminated as a result of not having available data or airtime funds.

    10. Any unused data will be terminated if not consumed and will not be carried-over beyond the expiry.

    11. When an allocated unused data bundle expires at 23:59 (on the day of allocation), an expiry notification will not be sent to the customer.

    12. Bundles with the shortest validity or earliest expiry may deplete first.

    13. To check the available Summer Gigs balance, dial *135*# and select the "Balances" option or use the My Vodacom App.

    14. Once the allocated Summer Gigs bonus reward bundle has been depleted or expires, additional usage will be:

      • Data transfer rates are not guaranteed and are dependent on network availability.

      • Bundles and tariffs only apply to standard APNs.

      • Added (postpaid) to customer's monthly bill - aligned with contract

      • Data bundles do not apply to data roaming.

    15. Utilisation of bonus reward bundles to access a subscription based application or services, additional subscription costs (associated with these applications or services) are not covered by daily reward bundles.
      Examples of subscription-based apps and services:

      • VuClip Videos

      • DStv Now

      • Netflix

      • Showmax

      • Deezer

      • Apple Music

      • VuClip Games

      • Gamemine

      • Gameasy

  4. Weekly Usage (Streak Management)

    1. Customers who actively consume any amount of chargeable and or free data consecutively over a seven-day period will be awarded with a bonus data bundle. The weekly bonus bundle will have varied validity periods ranging from two to seven days.

    2. Customers will not need to opt in for the weekly bonus reward bundle, because by opting in to the promotion customers are automatically opted in to qualify for the weekly streak bonus reward.

    3. Should a customer opt out of the promotion, they will also be opted out of the weekly bonus reward allocation and grand prize draw from the time of opting out.

    4. For every weekly streak achieved through a continued usage increment of seven days(i.e 7, 14, 21 and 28 days up to 35 days) customers will be entered into the monthly draw, while simultaneously being allocated daily and weekly bonus reward bundles.

    5. The weekly bonus reward data will differ from customer to customer, and will also differ based on the number of days customers have used data consecutively

    6. Continued usage will consist of data from a:

    7. Breakage of weekly data active streak:

      • Customers will not qualify to receive the weekly bonus reward bundle or entry into the monthly prize draw

      • Weekly streak count will begin from the day a customer resumes consecutive data usage activity.

  5. Grand Prize

    1. Customers who achieve a weekly user streak (7, 14, 21, 28 days) will automatically be entered into the monthly draw to stand a chance to win a grand prize.

    2. Should a participating minor (under the age of 18) win one of the grand prizes, consent from their parent/guardian will be required prior to the prize being allocated.

    3. The winners of the grand prizes will be randomly selected by an electronic draw, selected from a batch of eligible entries, which meet the requirements set out in the terms and conditions.

    4. The grand prizes are divided into two categories:

      • Car - Red Renault Duster (includes a monthly petrol allocation value)

      • Vodacom shall solely determine the specifications and color of the vehicles to be won and Vodacom's decision is final.

      • Vodacom shall not be liable for any manufacturing faults, recalls, damage or loss of/to any vehicle once handed over to a winner.

      • The handover or cost associated with the car excluded

      • The cost and arrangement of licensing

      • Registration and insurance of the car

      • The winner of the car will also be given 12 months of petrol, allocated monthly to a maximum of R2000.00 per month.

      • The vehicle will be covered by the standard 5 year/100 000 km warranty and 3 year/45000 km service plan.

      • The winner is not required to have a valid driver's license to win the car, however a valid driver's license will be required on registration and collection of the car.

      • Money - Vodacom Millionaires

    5. The two monthly grand prize draws will take place on:

      • 4 December 2018: consisting of entries from the 27 October 2018 (09:00) to the 30 November 2018 (23:59).

      • 17 January 2019: consisting of entries from 1 December 2018 (00:01) to 15 January 2019 (23:59).

    6. Only entries received during the competition period as stipulated in clause 1 above, will qualify as potential winners.

    7. Employees, directors and agents of Vodacom and all participating stores, their immediate families, life partners, business partners and associates and any person directly involved with the sponsoring, devising, production, management or marketing of this Competition are not eligible to win a Summer Gigs grand prize.

    8. To claim the car and/or cash prize, the winner will need to be in possession of a valid SA identity document or permanent residence permit (valid for a period exceeding 12 (twelve) months for the Republic of South Africa and is valid at the end date of the competition).

  6. General Terms and Conditions

    1. Should you migrate from:

      • Prepaid or Top Up migration to postpaid or vice versa, you will lose any collected data usage and future allocation and customers will need to opt in again in order to participate.

      • Prepaid to Top Up migration or vice versa, customers will retain any collected data usage and future allocation.

    2. Vodacom may amend these terms and conditions by giving a reasonable notice of any such amendment.