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Business Rules:

Linea Premium service powered by RAPPID RESPONSE PROPRIETARY LIMITED t/a Aura

  1. The Premium service is offered as a value-added service by Aura. Aura affords its customers access to armed response services within its Service Provider Network and within the Response Area, through the activation of a panic signal, to which Rappid's sub-contracted service providers respond.

  2. The Premium Service which gives customer's access to an armed response service is the sole responsibility of Aura.

  3. To acquire the Premium service by Aura the customer will need to buy a wearable device herein referred to as linea, charged at ZAR549,00 once-off device cost or financed at ZAR34,00 per month over a 24month contract term

  4. To activate the Premium service, the customer will have to download the linea App on Apple store for iOS or on Google store for Android.

  5. Linea App will be used to activate and manage the Premium service subscriptions

  6. A monthly subscription is required to activate the Premium Service at a monthly fee of ZAR25.00 which will either be added to the Customer's Vodacom bill or deducted from their rechargeable airtime (IN Wallet). 

  7. The premium service will be available as a 30-days rolling plan, and can be cancelled/re-activated at any time, however the subscription will only cancel once the 30-day period has been reached.  

  8. The wearable device, linea, will connect to a dedicated application (linea App) to register details of the user during setup and the contact details of the user's up to 4 trusted contacts  in addition to an alert message that will sent to Aura's command centre.  

  9.  Details of the device wearer's location will only be sent to Aura and the user's pre-loaded contacts only when the SOS panic button is pressed.

  10. Activation of the Premium service does not give the user and or their contacts live tracking

  11. Real time monitoring will last for 30minutes only after the alert button has been pressed by the device wearer

  12. For device connectivity, Linea will connect using an embedded Vodacom Smart SIM which is a separate service from the Premium service. Vodacom is only responsible for the SIM connectivity in the Linea device and not the value-added service by Aura.