Siyakha Employee Extender

Terms And Conditions:


1. The Siyakha Employee extender plans will be available to Existing Vodacom customers as add- online offer.

2. The Master Account Holder will take the plan on behalf an employee, or extended family member.

3. The plans are broken into 3 as follows: 

Siyakha Employee Extender 1   -  R99Siyakha Employee Extender 2   - R129Siyakha Employee Extender 3   -  R199

• Vodacom Smart Kicka 4

• Comprehensive device  Insurance

• Individual Funeral Cover: R10 000 cover


• Vodacom Smart Kicka 4

• Comprehensive Device Insurance

• Funeral for you and family  -  up to 5 members: R10 000 cover

• Huawei SY3 2018 Gold /Grey

• Comprehensive Device insurance

• Family Funeral Cover for you and family -  up to 5 members: R10 000 cover

Siyakha Employee Extender Free Cover 4U & Your Family Terms and Conditions 

Summary of Benefits

What you need to know about this Vodacom Funeral Cover offering

This benefit can only be activated by an individual that is employed by the individual who activated a qualifying Vodacom airtime/data contract that includes the Vodacom Funeral Cover benefit.

In the event of your death, your partner’s or your children’s death, we’ll pay out your Funeral Cover benefit either to you, your beneficiary or to your estate. To verify the exact amount that you qualify for please call our call center on 082 124 or refer to the Cover Amount table below.  The funeral benefit is valid from the date of the confirmation SMS that will be sent to you on activation of this benefit. All policies become effective on the 1st day of the month following the Vodacom contract activation or upgrade. The funeral cover benefit is valid for 24 months from date of activation. At the end of the 24 month period you or your employer will have the option to extend cover by calling 082 124.

About the cost of the benefit

Vodacom Pty (Ltd) has negotiated a group life policy with Vodacom Life Assurance Company. We’ll pay the monthly premium on your behalf as part of the 24-month Vodacom deal purchased. You will receive the Vodacom Funeral Cover at no additional cost to yourself, provided that the deal purchased is in good standing.

Cover Amounts: 

The Cover Amount Table stipulates the benefit amount that will be paid out on a successful claim.

Main Person Covered: 



* Partner means the person you are married to (whether by civil, customary, religious, or common law union). A maximum of one Partner is allowed on one policy.
**We will cover up to 5 (five) of your own biological, legally adopted and/or step children up to the age of 21.
A maximum of 7 (seven) claims will be paid on one policy.
About the requirements to qualify for the benefit
You will only qualify for this benefit if your employer has activated a qualifying Vodacom airtime/data contract that includes the Vodacom Funeral Cover benefit (Vodacom Siyakha Employee Extender Deals). By activating this cover, you confirm that you are currently employed by your employer. An employer is the person that you currently work for.
You must have a valid South African Identity Document and must be between 18 and 60 years of age to activate for cover.
Your Partner must also be between 18 and 60 years of age at the time of activation of the cover.
If the tariff your employer has chosen includes the “Cover 4 You” option, only you will be covered under this policy and only one successful claim will be paid on the policy.
If the tariff your employer has chosen “Cover 4 You and Your Family” option we will cover you, one Partner, and up to 5 (five) of your own biological, legally adopted and/ or step children.  A maximum of 7 (seven) successful claims will be paid on the policy.

If you leave the Vodacom network or migrate to a different Vodacom contract or prepaid tariff plan, you and your family’s cover will come to an end.

You must activate your cover via USSD by dialing *111*287# and adding your details.
You must have a valid South African Identity Document and must be between 18 and 60 to be eligible for cover.

For this offer, you can only activate one Vodacom Funeral Cover 4 You and Your Family benefit.  If you activate more than one qualifying contract, only one activation will be allowed per person.  
Maintaining Your Policy 
Adding a Partner

You must specify your partner by adding their details via USSD by dialing *111*287#. A claim for your partner will not be processed if you have not specified one. 

Adding a Beneficiary
The Vodacom Funeral Cover will pay out into your estate unless you provide us with details of your beneficiary. You can update your beneficiary details by dialing *111*287#.

Other Important Information

We will not pay out if death of the life assured is a result of suicide, deliberate involvement in an illegal act, riot, civil commotion, terrorist attack, or war.
Waiting Period
A 3 (three) month claim waiting period applies to every person covered under this policy, including your partner and children, for death as a result of natural causes.  However, if death is as a result of an accident (such as a car accident), no waiting period applies.
Questions you may have
You can review your benefit by dialing *111*287#.  If you have any questions on this Vodacom Funeral Cover, call us on 082 124.  You can also visit us at for any other information you may need.
Claiming or Complaining
Should you die, your beneficiary will need to call us on 082 124 or e-mail us at [email protected] We’ll tell them what documents they’ll need to give us so we can settle the claim quickly.
Important Claim Time Limits
We need to be informed of your death within 180 (one-hundred-and-eighty) days of it happening. If we’re not informed in time by your beneficiary or estate, the claim could be declined.  
Disputed Claims
We allow 180 (one-hundred-and-eighty) days from the date of the communication of our decision for your beneficiary or estate to question our decision on a claim.  If we still decline the claim, and they want to start a legal process, they’ll have an additional 90 (ninety) days to do so.
Complaints and Compliance
We appreciate you as a client, so if at any point you are unhappy with any aspect of our service or the benefit offering, first give us an opportunity to resolve the matter as quickly as possible by using the following contact details:
Call: 082 124

Email: [email protected]

Address: PO Box 3306, Cramerview, Bryanston, 2060.

If you are not satisfied with the result of the complaint resolution or have a compliance-related query, please use the following contact details:

Call: 082 124

Email: [email protected]

Address: PO Box 3306, Cramerview, Bryanston, 2060.

Should you still be dissatisfied with the outcome, you can direct complaints about our services to the FAIS Ombud and complaints about our products to the Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance:


Office of the FAIS Ombud

Call: 012 762 5000

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 012 348 3447

Address: PO Box 74571, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040

Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance

Call: 0860 103 236
Email: [email protected]

Fax: +27 21 674 0951

Address: Private Bag x45, Claremont, 7735

Your employer can cancel this policy should you leave their employ by sending us a cancellation request in writing, e.g. by email, fax or letter.

• Email: [email protected]
• Fax: 011 546 8446

• Address: Private Bag X9904, Sandton, 2146

On cancellation of the policy, the employer will not be allowed to transfer or active funeral cover insurance for any other additional lives. It is the employer’s responsibility to advise us of your change in employment status.
Cellphone Cover T & Cs

Vodacom Comprehensive Device Insurance Cover

These are Your terms and conditions for Your Vodacom Comprehensive Device Insurance Cover. It is important that You read and keep this document in a safe place.  The name of Your insurance company is Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Limited, a registered insurance company. Cellsure (Pty) Ltd has been appointed to administer this Policy.

1. “Accident” means known and identifiable unintended sudden and unforeseen event.  “Accidental” has the corresponding meaning.

2. “Accidental Damage” means physical damage or destruction of the Device caused by an Accident.

3. “Device” means the Cellphone or Laptop or Tablet, or Specified Insured Extra identified via the International Mobile Equipment Identity number or via the serial number, which is used by the Authorised User and specified as the item insured under this Policy. 

4. “Authorised User” refers to the person nominated by You to use the Device insured under this Policy. 

5. “Contract Subscriber” means a Vodacom customer who has entered into a Subscriber Agreement with Vodacom.

6. “Loss” means the sudden and unforeseen physical loss of the Device. “Lost” has the corresponding meaning.

7.“Maximum Limit of Indemnity” means the maximum amount that We will pay out which will be determined by Your Premium Band and will not be greater than the Sum Insured as defined, at the time of Loss, Theft or Accidental Damage.

8. “Policy” means this agreement between You and Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Limited, together with the schedule hereto.

9. “Policyholder”, “You”, “Your” is the person in whose name the Policy is issued.

10. “Premium Band” is determined by the retail price of the Device inclusive of VAT at the time of inception of this Policy and defines the premium payable under this Policy.  For Specified Insured Extras, the Premium Band is determined by the cumulative value of all specified items, based on the retail price of the items inclusive of VAT at the time of inception of this Policy.

11. “Prepaid Subscribers” refers to Vodacom customers who pay-as-they-go for mobile airtime, and who have not entered into a Subscriber Agreement with Vodacom.

12. “Good-As-New Device” means a device that has been refurbished, tested and restored to full working condition.

13. “SIM Card” for Contract Subscribers means the SIM Card encoded with the cellular telephone number listed on the attached Policy schedule and issued in terms of the Vodacom Subscriber Agreement.  For Prepaid Subscribers this means the Prepaid SIM Card encoded with the cellular telephone number listed on the attached Policy schedule and issued in terms of a Vodacom PrePaid starter pack.  

14. “Specified Insured Extras” is an optional benefit that can be selected together with the Comprehensive Cellphone Insurance cover option.  This includes Wearables. All Specified Insured Extras must be, listed on the attached schedule and identified via a serial number.

15. “Subscriber Agreement” means the contract entered into between You and Vodacom pursuant to which Your SIM Card is activated by Vodacom and Your Device is enabled on the Vodacom cellular telecommunications service and any related services on the Vodacom network.

16. “Sum Insured” means the retail price of the Device inclusive of VAT at the time of Loss, Theft or Accidental Damage.

17. “Theft” or “Stolen” means the unlawful act of taking possession of the Device with the intention of permanently depriving the Customer of that Device.

18. “Unauthorised Usage” means charges for SMS, calls or data incurred as a direct result of Loss or Theft of Your Device.

19. “Vodacom” means Vodacom (Pty) Ltd

20. “We”, “Us” refers to the insurer, Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Limited or the administrator, Cellsure (Pty) Ltd, as applicable.

21.Wearables refer to an electronic items that can be worn on the body as an accessory used in conjunction with the Cellphone. A defining feature being the ability to connect to the internet, enabling data exchange and includes items such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit, Apple Watch, earphones and digital media players, such as Apple TV.  

Vodacom Comprehensive Device Insurance is a monthly renewable insurance Policy that provides cover against Accidental Damage, Theft or Loss of the insured Device.



What are you covered for?

Comprehensive Cellphone Insurance – It is applicable to the insured Device – specifically in respect of a cellular phone. 

a. This benefit option covers you for Accidental Damage such as physical damage or destruction of the Device caused by an Accident and it also covers you for instances of Theft and Loss. 

b. If your Cellphone is lost or stolen We will replace Your Device with a new device of the same or similar type or a Good-As-New Device of the same type, subject to the Maximum Limit of Indemnity.

c. We will not replace Your Cellphone with more expensive model if Your model is still available. 

d. Whilst it is not a condition for cover, We encourage You to manage Your damage risk by making use of a cellular phone screen protector and a cellular phone cover to help protect your cellphone. In some instance, at Our discretion, We may supply a screen cover and cellphone cover for this purpose.

Summary of Benefit Options and Cover:

 Cover Options
Comprehensive Cellphone Insurance
Accidental DamageYes

• As an added benefit You will be covered for world-wide trips for up to 30 days per trip travelling abroad, as long as Your Device is in use with Vodacom SIM listed on the attached schedule. You will need to activate roaming in order to enjoy this benefit.
• In the event of a successful claim, We will repair or replace your Device at our option.  We will not pay out a cash settlement.

What are you not covered for?

1. Theft, Loss or Accidental Damage while Your insured Device is being used with any other SIM Card which was not listed on Your Policy schedule 

2. Any claim where there was no usage on the Vodacom SIM Card listed on the attached schedule that is used together with the insured Device, for a period of 7 (seven) days prior to date of Loss, Theft or Accidental Damage.

3. Loss or damage resulting from political or non-political riot, strike or civil commotion, public disorder, war, terrorism or public violence or which is insurable by SASRIA (South Africa Special Risks Insurance Association).

4. Any costs of replacing, reinstating or making good wear and tear, gradual deterioration, scratching of outer casings, aerials or keypads.

5. Loss, damage or failure of batteries, other than when they are Stolen or lost together with the insured Device listed on application form.

6. Any consequential loss or damage.

7. Any claim arising from abuse, misuse or neglect of the insured Device.

8. Loss, damage or failure for which the manufacturer or supplier is liable, or which is covered by a current maintenance contract or warranty.

9. Loss of, damage to or corruption of data as a result of electronically conveyed viruses or defects in design or manufacture.

10. Loss of data, personalised ringtones or graphics, downloaded material and apps or software.

11. Any claim in respect of any additional equipment or accessories not covered under the Specified Insured Extras cover option, including but not restricted to carrying cases, battery chargers, hands-free kit, external antennae or car kits.

12. Theft or Loss of the insured Device that was not reported to the police within 48 (forty-eight) hours after it was Stolen or Lost.

How to Claim

• If the insured Device is Lost, Stolen or damaged You must report the claim to Us as soon as possible after discovery of the Loss, and within 30 (thirty) days of the claim event occurring.

• In the event that Your Device is Stolen or Lost You MUST:

o Report this to the South African Police Services and obtain a case number; 

o In the event of cellphones, laptops or tablets, block the SIM Card listed on the Policy by phoning 082 135.

o In the event of cellphones, laptops or tablets, blacklist the Device and obtain an I.T.C. reference number by phoning 082135.

• Obtain a claim form by phoning 082 1952 or by visiting your nearest Vodacom dealer. A claim form must be completed and sent to Us within 30 (thirty) days of the claim occurring, containing all the necessary information as indicated above.

• You must give all reasonable assistance in the recovery of the Lost or Stolen Device and identification thereof.

• If We paid Your claim in respect of a Lost or Stolen Device, and Your Device is recovered, the recovered Device becomes Our property.  If You are given a replacement device in respect of a Device which is beyond economical repair, the damaged Device becomes Our property and must be handed to the Vodacom dealer that provided Your replacement device.

• We must be in possession of the damaged Device in the case of Accidental Damage claims.

• In the event of Your claim being the subject of a dispute or is rejected by Us You may make representation to Us. If You are dissatisfied with the outcome of Your claim, You are entitled to approach the Short Term Insurance Ombudsman at:

o Telephone: 011 726 8900

o Fax: 011 726 5501/011 674 0951

o E-mail: [email protected]

• You have 90 (ninety) days from the date of receipt of the notice of rejection or dispute from Us to lodge such representation.  In the event of a dispute being unresolved You must take legal action by way of summons against Us within 180 (one-hundred-and-eighty) days after expiry of the initial 90 (ninety) day period, failing which You will forfeit Your claim and no liability can arise in terms of such a claim.

• Should You fail to collect a Device which has been repaired or replaced within 60 (sixty) days from date of Loss, You will forfeit the claim and the Device will be sold or returned to stock to defray expenses.

• If Your premiums in respect of this Policy are in arrears all outstanding premiums must be paid in order for Us to assess a claim.

• NOTE: If We replace Your Device, We may either issue a new device of the same or similar type or We may issue a Good-As-New Device of the same type.

Excess payable by you when claiming

• The excess:  The excess is the first amount payable by you and is set out below.

• Your basic excess depends on whether Your Device is repaired, replaced with a Good-As-New Device1 or replaced with a new device as follows:

Comprehensive Cellphone Insurance and Comprehensive Laptop and Tablet Insurance

Premium Band

(As indicated on your Policy Schedule)

Cover AmountExcess payable by You
Repair/Replace with a Good-As-New Device1Replace with a new Device
0R0 – R750R50


15% of Replacement Cost OR R100 (whichever one is higher)


1R751 – R1 500R100
2R1 501 – R2 500R200
3R2 501 – R3 500R300
4R3 501 – R5 000R400
5R5 001 – R7 500R450
6R7 501 – R10 000R500
7R10 001 – R15 000R550
8R15 001 – R20 000R650
9R20 001 – R25 000R700
10R25 001 – R30 000R750

What must you remember?

This Policy only covers the insured Device(s), used TOGETHER WITH the Vodacom SIM Card listed on the attached schedule.  It is Your responsibility to let Us know in writing or by phoning Us on 082 1952, if You are changing or upgrading Your Device insured under this Policy.  In such instances this may lead to a new Policy, a change in premium and benefits and Policy terms and conditions.

General conditions

1. Other insurance:

If the insured Device is covered for Theft, Loss or Accidental Damage by any other insurance Policy, We shall only be liable for a pro rata portion of the claim excluding the excess which is payable by you.

2. Cancellation of the Policy

• If You cancel Your Policy at any time premiums paid will not be refunded to You as You would have had the benefit of cover.

• All cancellation requests must be made in writing or by phoning Us on 082 1952.

• If Your SIM Card is barred, soft locked or disconnected by Vodacom, the cover provided by Your Policy will be suspended until such time as Vodacom reinstates Your service.

• We have the right to cancel Your Policy subject to 30 (thirty) days’ notice, either in writing or telephonically.

3. No rights to other persons

You may not transfer any rights under this Policy to any third party.

4. Changes to Your Policy

We have the right to amend Your premium and terms and conditions at any time subject to 30 (thirty) days written notice.

5. Premiums

• Your Policy remains in force for as long as Your premiums are paid.

• In the event that Your premiums are not paid You MUST pay within 30 (thirty) days from the date the premium was due to maintain Your Policy.

• If no premium is received within that time Your Policy will be cancelled retrospectively. 

• All premiums must be paid in full before any claim is investigated. 

• We have the right to change Your premium at any time subject to 30 (thirty) days written notice to You.

• If Your Subscriber Agreement goes into arrears your insurance Policy will be impacted and may be terminated. Vodacom will inform You when your Subscriber Agreement goes into arrears. At such time you are required to contact Us to make alternate arrangements for premium payment.  

6. Duty to safeguard Your Cellphone

You shall at all times take reasonable steps to safeguard the insured Device(s) from Loss, Accidental Damage or Theft.

7. Misrepresentation, non-disclosure or false declaration

• Any material misrepresentation, non-disclosure or false declaration shall render the Policy as a whole, voidable from date of inception at the instance of the insurer.  In such an event:

o You will be liable to reimburse any amounts paid to You under this Policy to Us; and

o We will not be obliged to pay any claim lodged under this Policy.

• If there are false declarations made at the time of claiming which results in fraud, all benefits under this Policy shall be forfeited and Your Policy will be cancelled with immediate effect.

Report all claims to:

Scheme Administrator

Cellsure (Pty) Ltd

Tel: 082 1952

Fax: (011) 844 2913 or (011) 844 2917

Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Ltd 

Important Disclosures

Your Insurer

Your insurance company is Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Limited (“Vodacom Insurance”). Vodacom Insurance is licensed to develop and market products that fall within the “short-term insurance” license sub-categories. These include all the device insurance products currently available at Vodacom (Pty) Ltd (“Vodacom”). 

Physical Address: Vodacom Corporate Park, 082 Vodacom Boulevard, Vodacom Valley, Midrand, 1685

Contact Details: (011) 653 5000 Email: [email protected]

Compliance Department: (011) 546 1875

Your Financial Service Provider and Administrator

Vodacom Insurance has appointed Cellsure (Pty) Ltd ("Cellsure"), to perform all the administrative functions as it relates to your short-term insurance policy. Cellsure is an authorised financial services provider (FSP NO: 16950) and receives a monthly administration fee from Vodacom Insurance. Finrite has no vested interest in the insurer. Finrite holds professional indemnity insurance.

Physical Address: Block H Contact Details: (011) 844 2800 or 0821952

Metropolitan Office Park Fax: (011) 844 2913 or (011) 844 2917

82 Wessel Road Email: [email protected]


Cellsure's Compliance Officer: Miss Marina Jooste

Contact Details: (086) 1266759 Email: [email protected]

All claims in respect of your insurance product must be submitted to Cellsure within 30 days Tel: 082 1952 

If you have a complaint

We appreciate you as a client, so if at any point you are unhappy with any aspect of our service or the benefit offering, please contact us using the following:

First stop...


...if complaints about our products don't get resolved to your satisfaction, we're also accountable to the Short-Term Insurance Ombud. The contact details are as follows:


Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance

1 Sturdee Avenue

Cnr Bolton and Baker roads

First Floor, Block B


Email: [email protected]    

Or... to give us a chance to resolve...if complaints about our service don't
the matter. To ensure our focusedget resolved to your satisfaction, we're
 accountable to the FAIS Ombud.
attention, please use the following 
contact details:The contact details are as follows:
Vodacom InsuranceOffice of the FAIS Ombud
P.O. Box 2537,PO Box 74571
Rivonia, 2128Lynnwood Ridge
Call: 082 19520040
Email: [email protected]Call: 0860 324 766
Fax: 011 844 2913/844 2917Email: [email protected] Fax: 012 348 3447

Other matters of importance

a) Your Obligations

• You must check your policy schedule to insure that the items insured, their description and values are those you gave to us.

• You must advice any changes to the description, use or value of the item insured as soon as possible to ensure that you are correctly insured.

• Incorrect or non-disclosure by you may impact on any claims arising from your contract of insurance.

• You are entitle to a copy of your policy free of charge.

b) Warning

• Do not sign any blank or partially completed forms.

• Keep all documents handed to you.

• Do not be pressurized to buy the product.