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Vodacom Prepaid 79c

Terms and Conditions

  1. Vodacom Prepaid 79c is a permanent price plan available to all new and existing Prepaid customers through Free Change via existing channels (1181 IVR, *135# USSD, Vodacom.co.za, My Vodacom App). 

  2. Customers on Legacy price plans (4U, All Day per Second, All Day per Minute, Per Second Plus, Day Saver, Vodago) who Free Change to Prepaid 79c will not be able to return to their previous price plans.

  3. This price plan is not available to Contract, Top Up, Community Service and CST Management SIMS. 

  4. The rate of R0.79 (seventy nine cents) per minute is offered on voice calls to any network at any time, and calls will be billed per second.

  5. The following calls do not qualify for this call rate, and will be billed according to published rates: 

    Roaming calls Premium rated calls SVS Calls
    International calls VAS calls Fax out calls

  6. Other rates applicable to this price plan are set out below: 

    Local call rate (any network, any time) R0.79 per minute (billed per second)
    SMS R0.50 per SMS all day
    SMS to Telkom landlines R0.90 per SMS
    MMS (300KB or less)  R0.80 per MMS
    International SMS  R 1.74/SMS all day

  7. On this price plan you cannot make use of voice bundles, including Power Hour, Chat for 30, Power Bundles, My5, Night Shift or Everyday Extra.

  8. If you migrate to this price plan while you have active voice bundles, including Power Hour, Chat for 30, Power Bundles, My5, Night Shift or Everyday Extra services, these benefits will be forfeited upon Free Change into Prepaid 79c.

  9. You can Free Change out of this price plan at any time via existing Free Change channels (1181 IVR, *135# USSD, Vodacom.co.za). 

  10. As per network rules, calls will be terminated by the network at 120 minutes (2 hour rule).

  11. No refunds will be allowed for any dropped calls due to network congestion.

  12. Vodacom Prepaid 79c price plan will be subject to the following acceptable usage policy: 

    1. LCR and associated services are not permitted to use the Service. If the SIM card is used in a fixed location device to regularly make and receive calls to multiple numbers, the Service will be suspended immediately, pending an investigation. 

    2. Vodacom reserves the right to suspend the Service in the event of suspected abuse or fraudulent usage, outside of what is considered reasonable for private, non-commercial use.

  13. Vodacom reserves the right to limit the Service in regions or areas where there is limited network capacity (high congestion) in order to maintain consistent quality of service.

  14. Vodacom reserves the right to alter or terminate the Service in order to prevent catastrophic impact on the network. 

  15. Whilst Vodacom will use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Service, due to potential capacity limitations on the network it does not commit to the uninterrupted supply of the Service. 

  16. Vodacom reserves the right to suspend, cancel or convert the Service with reasonable notice. 

  17. Vodacom reserves the right to expand on or amend these terms and conditions. Where any change to these terms and conditions is material, Vodacom will provide you with reasonable prior written notice prior to any such change coming into effect.