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Shake Up 2019

Terms and Conditions


  1. The Shake!Up Summer promotion has been extended till the 25th July 2020 as Shake!Up.

  2. Vodacom reserves the right to change or extend the promotional period based on reasonable prior notice.


  1. The Shake!Up promotion is available to all Vodacom Prepaid, Top-Up, uChoose and Contract customers, including those who activate a new SIM card on or port into the Vodacom network during the promotional period.

  2. Vodacom Corporate customers with Employee Liable accounts (employee pays for additional usage on the account) are also eligible to participate in the promotion.

  3. The following customers are excluded from participating in the promotion:

    1. All Vodacom Corporate customers with Corporate Liable accounts (company pays 100%of the account)

    2. All  Machine to Machine (M2M) customers

    3. Community services SIMs / phone numbers

    4. Bulk SMS applications are not permitted to participate in the Promotion

    5. Anon-customer SIM is an application that uses a SIM card to send SMSs in volumes not possible by a natural person

  4. Vodacom reserves the right to disconnect and suspend the service of non-customer SIMs and non-compliant devices (as specified by the regulating body ICASA) that are being used on the Vodacom network for the purposes of the Promotion.

  5. Vodacom reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and will provide participating customers with reasonable notice prior to implementing such changes as required under the Consumer Protection Act. Vodacom protects participant's personal information according to The Privacy Act.


  1. Customers can join the Shake!Up promotion at any time [throughout its duration].

  2. To participate in the Shake!Up promotion, customers will need to opt in via one of the following channels:

    1. MyVodacom App

    2. USSD(by dialling *133#)

    3. WhatsApp by messaging "Shake Up" to 082 009 8624

  3. Customers are only required to opt in once in order to participate in the promotion. Customers will be able to play the Daily Free Shake!Up game, be able to redeem prizes, earn VodaBucks or play Mega Shake games.

  4. By opting into the promotion, customers provide Vodacom with permission to monitor their goal in order to reward them with VodaBucks and provide personalised offers. Vodacom protects customers' personal information according to the Privacy Act.

  5. By opting into the promotion, customers provide Vodacom with permission to use their information for any further marketing purposes.

  6. Customers can opt out of the promotion at any time by selecting 'opt out' option on the Shake!Up menu/page on USSD (*133#), My Vodacom App and WhatsApp.

  7. When opting out of the promotion, customers:

    1. Will no longer earn VodaBucks for performing the qualifying goals

    2. Will retain all VodaBucks collected as part of the promotion

    3. Will retain all GSM and non-GSM rewards won through the promotion

    4. Will retain any entry into the Grand Prize draw

    5. Will not be able to use their remaining VodaBucks to shake and win or buy from the Summer  (until they opt back in)

    6. Will still receive engagement communications regarding the promotion, unless they opt out of receiving SMSs for this promotion specifically

  8. This promotion is not available while roaming.

  9. Customer can participate in any other Vodacom promotions running during the Shake!Up promotion period.

  10. Any behavior that occurs prior to opt in will not be considered as part of the promotion and customers cannot earn VodaBucks on goals before they have accepted the goals on which to earn VodaBucks.

Daily Free Shake

  1. Customers can play one free Shake!Up game on USSD and 2 free Shake!Up games on the My Vodacom App every day.

  2. Every Shake!Up game has a chance of a reward from one of the rewards categories.

  3. Customers will receive an SMS notification with every prize won.

  4. Shake!Up games will differ daily and per channel (USSD and My Vodacom App).

  5. Playing daily free Shake!Up games will be zero-rated on the My Vodacom App.

  6. Data usage for playing daily free Shake!Up games will not be zero-rated (free) on USSD.

  7. Free daily Shake!Up  games expire at the end of each day (23:59 on day of allocation) if not played. They will not accumulate. 

Upsize Your Prize

  1. Customers will be offered the ability to upsize some of their prizes at a discounted price.

Getting VodaBucks

  1. Prepaid and Top-Up customers will get one VodaBuck for every R1 airtime that they recharge with.

  2. Each customer will receive one personalized goal that need to complete in order to earn VodaBucks.

  3. Customers can add one additional personalized goal at a time. They will need to complete this goal or wait for it to expire before they can add another personalized goal.

  4. Once a customer has completed their personalized goal to earn VodaBucks, another goal will be unlocked that they can perform in order to earn more VodaBucks

  5. Each customer's list of goals will be refreshed weekly.

  6. Earned VodaBucks will not expire and will accumulate until the end of the promotion.

  7. Customers will receive VodaBucks on the MSISDN on which they performed their goal (Master accounts will not receive VodaBucks earned by child accounts).

  8. VodaBucks cannot be transferred to another customer.

  9. VodaBucks cannot be redeemed for cash, airtime or any other Vodacom products, services or rewards (with the exception of spending it in the Shake!Up digital store on the My Vodacom App).

  10. Customers can access their VodaBucks balance and use their VodaBucks to play MegaShake games via any of the participating channels, regardless of which channel the VodaBucks were earned through.

  11. For certain goals, VodaBucks will be allocated in real-time, immediatel yafter a qualifying goal was completed where possible.

  12. For certain goals, VodaBucks will be not allocated in real-time, this will be indicated to the customer where applicable.

  13. Customers will be able to view their VodaBucks balance via the following channels:

    1. USSD (*135# and *133#)

    2. The My Vodacom App

    3. Whatsap


  1. Customers can use their VodaBucks to play a MegaShake game to win a guaranteed prize.

  2. Each MegaShake game will cost 30 VodaBucks.

Rewards and Prizes

  1. Rewards can be won in the following categories:

    1. Vodacom network rewards (data, voice, SMS and integrated bundles)

    2. Digital content rewards

    3. Discounts on data, voice, SMS and integrated bundles

    4. Content-specific bundles and Vodacom Tickets

    5. Discounted/ free digital content subscriptions

    6. An entry into a Grand Prize draw

    7. VodaBucks to save towards a MegaShake/ use in the VodaBucks Store on the My Vodacom App

    8. Prizes:

      1. May

        • 60 x R5000 Shopping Vouchers

        • 20 x R5000 Cash prize Voucher

        • 10 x Million Megs

      2. June

        • 300 x R1000 Shopping Vouchers

        • 100 x R1000 cash Voucher

        • 10 x Million Megs

      3. July

        • 1 of 20 R1000 cash prizes

        • 1 of 20 R1000 shopping vouchers

Voice, Data& Social Media Data Bundle Rewards

  1. Voice, SMS, data and bundle rewards will be allocated immediately to a Prepaid, Top Up or uChoose customers who won these rewards. Contract customers will be allocated these reward bundles within 6(six) hours of winning the reward.

  2. Bundles will be available to use on the day of allocation(within any specified usage period) and will expire as per the bundle's validity period.

  3. Unused reward bundles will expire and there will be no carry over or refund, with the exception of data bundles (as per existing rules regarding data bundle rollover).

  4. Reward bundles cannot be transferred to other customers, with the exception of data bundles (as per existing rules regarding data bundle transfer).

  5. Any usage that falls outside the specified usage period or after the bundle is depleted, will be billed at the customer's applicable price plan rates.

  6. Vodacom voice minute bundles will specify usage, whether for Vodacom to Vodacom (VC-VC) calls or calls to any SA Network (Any  Network).

  7. The following call types are excluded from the Vodacom voice minute bundles:

    Conference& video calls to other networks; Call Sponsor: International & roaming calls, Premium rated calls; Value Added Service (VAS) Calls; Call Forwarding; Directory Enquiry; Reconnect Calls Reverse Charge calls General Through Connect(to other networks), Service calls; Message forwarding.

  8. Vodacom SMS Reward bundles can be used for sending SMS to national destinations including "SMS to email" but cannot be sent to international or premium rated numbers or services. One (1) SMS is equivalent to 160 characters, including spaces.

  9. Data sessions initiated within the specified usage period but terminated outside of the period will deplete from the Data Reward bundle until the last minute of the stated bundle validity period and the remainder of the session will be billed from an existing active data bundle or at the specified out-of-bundle rate applicable to the customer's price plan.

  10. Prepaid, Top-Up or uChoose customers converting to contract price plans or vice versa will not be able to retain their allocated voice minutes, Data or SMS Reward bundles once the conversion is successfully completed.

  11. Social Media bundles must be used on the specified sites (Facebook, Youtube) in the specified time period for the specified validity period. Usage on these sites outside of these rules will incur costs.

Digital Content Rewards

  1. Customers will receive digital lifestyle rewards including Video Play, MyMuze, PlayInc bundles from playing Shake and Mega Shake. These bundles will have specified validity periods and may or may not include a subscription to the service or include URL data made to be used specifically on the designated playform

TheVodaBucks Store on the My Vodacom App

  1. Customers can use their VodaBucks to purchase from the VodaBucks Store within the Shake!Up menu on the My Vodacom App up until 17th July 2020.

  2. Should you migrate from:

    1. Prepaid or Top-Up  to Postpaid or vice versa, you will lose any collected data usage and future allocation, and you will need to opt in again in order to participate.

    2. Prepaid to Top-Up or vice versa, you will retain any collected data usage and future allocation.

  3. Vodacom reserves the right to amend and or modify these terms and condition. Where such change is material, Vodacom will provide you with reasonable prior notice before any such change comes into effect.

Vodacom 1 billionth Shake campaign

  1. The customer who achieves the 1 billionth shake will be identified by Vodacom exclusively (they can win by playing the Shake game via WhatsApp, USSD and the My Vodacom App).

  2. The winner is entitled to a R25000 Takealot.com voucher and if the shake was done on the My Vodacom App, the voucher will be doubled to R50 000.

  3. Winner/s will be announced on social media platforms once all verification has been completed.

  4. The voucher received will have a validity period of 3 years from date issued and Vodacom is not liable to reimburse if the voucher is not used within the specified timeframe.

  5. This voucher is not transferable to cash nor can the voucher be allocated to a beneficiary.

  6. Vodacom reserves the rights to use personal information to contact the winner.

  7. Winner who does not shake on the app is not entitled to the R50 000 voucher.

  8. Vodacom will donate R50 000 to the charity of winner's choice

  9. Vodacom will be rewarding 10 customers who shake on the My Vodacom App during the build up to 1 billionth shake, these winners will be drawn randomly and will receive a R2000 Takelalot.com voucher.

  10. All Vodacom staff who shake on either 1 of the 3 channels will be excluded from the total shakes.

  11. Vodacom staff are not eligible to participate in the 1 Billionth shake campaign and cannot win any of the vouchers.

  12. The Competition is also subject to, and must be read in conjunction with, Vodacom's existing terms and conditions applicable to its website and mobile site respectively: http://www.vodacom.co.za/personal/main/termsandconditions/websitetermsandconditions.