Prepaid Every Month Data Bundles

Terms and Conditions

1.       The Recurring 30 Days data bundles will run as a promotion, valid from 16 September 2020 until 21 March 2021. All “20% extra data” bundle allocations and price points will only be valid for the promotional period. If you opt – in post promotion period, you will not qualify for the 20% extra data value and price points.

2.       Once you have opted – in to the promotion, you will qualify for the 20% extra value bundles at the discounted price points. Once the promotion has been terminated, you will continue to qualify for the recurring bundles and prices. Vodacom reserves the right to terminate or change the service at any time and for whatsoever reason. Vodacom further reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion and without notice to you. You have the responsibility to at all times familiarise yourself with the amended Terms and Conditions.

3.       The Prepaid 30 Day Recurring Data bundles (the “Bundles”) will not be available to you if you are a Contract or Top Up Mobile Broadband data contract customer. 

4.       The Bundles will be available to you through the following self-service sales channels: 

4.1.     USSD: *135# or via USSD direct string: *135*556#

4.2.     Customer Care 082 135;


4.4.     Vodacom Mobi;

4.5.     My Vodacom App; and

4.6.     Retail stores.

5.       The will be available on all Prepaid price plans at the following cost:


Bundle Size




325MB + 65MB

























6.       All the Bundle prices set out herein are inclusive of  VAT. The full price of the Bundle will be deducted from your prepaid airtime balance, and the Bundles will be allocated to you at the time of activation.


o   Vodacom will attempt to deduct the price of the bundle from your prepaid airtime for 60 consecutive days, from the day the Bundle is to be reallocated. Should you not have sufficient airtime, you will  be reminded to recharge with sufficient airtime via SMS on the following periods post the failed attempt of the bundle:

§   After due date:

§   1st SMS:D + 1

§   2nd SMS:D + 3

§   3rd SMS: D + 7

§   After that, every 7 days.

7.       In the event that all 60 attempts are returned unpaid, your bundle subscription will be automatically cancelled.

8.       The Bundle will be allocated to you monthly on a recurring basis from the date that you first activate the Bundle.  If you purchase the Bundles on the 31st of any month, then the recurring new Bundles allocation date will be the last day of any subsequent calendar month. This will exclude February in non-leap years; where the allocation will take place on the 28th of February.

9.       You may only have one active recurring bundle at a time.

10.    When purchasing Bundles you may:


10.1. Repurchase - which will allow you to purchase Bundles of the same size as the Bundles that have already been allocated to you.

10.2. Buy More - which will allow you to migrate to another recurring data bundle offering. Should you elect to migrate to a Bundle offering that is lower or less than the Bundle offering that you are currently on, you will forfeit the remaining bundles on your existing Bundles offering.

10.3. Opt – Out – which will stop any future Bundle allocations to you. When you opt out of receiving the Bundles, Bundles that have already been allocated to you will not be forfeited and will remain active until 23:59 of the 30th day from the date that the Bundles were allocated to you. Please note that:

10.3.1.       You will only be able to opt out 3 days prior to the date of expiry of the Bundles that have  been allocated to you, any attempt to opt-out before or after this period will result in an error message.

10.3.2.       You may opt out in the following ways:             Dial *135#;             Contact Customer Care via 082 135;             Access the My Vodacom App; or             Vodacom Online.

11.    Should you finish the Bundles allocated to you before the expiry date, you may purchase new Bundles which will have a new expiry date.

12.    If you purchase an additional Bundle (“Additional Bundle”) while your existing Bundle is still valid and active (the “Existing Bundles”), the new ‘additional’ Bundle allocation shall be added to the Existing Bundle balance (should the additional bundle be of the same or higher allocation of the existing bundle) The expiry date shall be valid for 30 days from the day of the new bundle activation. 

13.    You will have the option to purchase a monthly recurring bundle for another number. If you purchase the bundle, you will have the bundle amount deducted from your account on a monthly basis and the bundle will be allocated to the selected number


14.    Your Bundle usage will be based on the volume of data you send and receive, and not on the amount of time you spend connected to the Internet.

Data Bundle Balance Roll- over


15.               All  Bundles are valid for 30 days (the “Validity Period”). The Bundles that are not used during the Validity Period will be rolled over free of charge for the next 30 days in the following scenarios:

15.1.      If on the 30th day, you have sufficient airtime and you renew on time and so the next recurring bundle is allocated successfully;

15.2.      If you migrate to a Bundle of a larger size. In this instance, the migration should occur immediately; and

15.3.      If you re-purchase your Bundle.

16.    If the Bundle is depleted, the applicable out-of-bundle rate will apply at the applicable prepaid price plan.

17.    The Bundles will not be allocated on Night Owl Data.

18.    The Bundles do not apply to data roaming.

19.    No pro-ration is applied to the price of the Bundles, the full price and the full allocation is always applied at the time of purchase or activation.