Vodacom Fibre Mount Edgecombe

1. Vodacom has a promotional Vodacom Fibre Broadband offer for the Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estate in eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal. 

2. The promotion offers the following 24 month Vodacom Fibre Broadband contracts:

Price planMonthly price (incl VAT
20Mbps 50GBR549
20Mbps uncappedR799
40Mbps uncappedR1 399
100Mbps uncappedR1 700

3. The uncapped data included in the promotion is subject to a fair usage policy (FUP).

4. When a customer reaches the FUP allocation, then the customer’s throughput will be managed downwards.

5. The FUP applicable to the promotion is:

Price planFUP allocationThroughput after FUP reached
20Mbps uncapped700GB2Mbps
40Mbps uncapped1 900GB4Mbps
100Mbps uncapped5 700GB10Mbps

6. The throughput after the FUP is reached will be applied until the 1st day of the next month when the next monthly bundle is allocated.

7. The customer can purchase additional once-off data bundles at any time.

8. The promotional offer is subject to the Vodacom Fibre general terms & conditions.

9. The Vodacom Fibre general terms & conditions are available at www.vodacom.co.za/fibre.