Dropped Call Compensation

Terms And Conditions

A dropped call is defined as a voice call where both parties are on the Vodacom GSM mobile network and the call ended unexpectedly due to technical reasons on the Vodacom network, i.e. neither party ended the call manually.

With effect from the 13th July 2018, the Dropped Call Compensation campaign for post-paid and hybrid customers will come to an end. Final bundle allocations will take place on Saturday the 14th July 2018 and will expire at 23:59:59 on Sunday the 15th July 2018.  

With effect from the 24 the July 2018, the Dropped Call Compensation campaign for prepaid customers will come to an end. Final bundle allocations will take place on the 23rd July 2018 and will expire at 23:59:59 on the 24th July 2018

1) Vodacom may as a result of you experiencing a dropped call, at its discretion and within its defined parameters of a dropped call, allocate you (the caller) a bundle of minute/s for calls from your Vodacom number to another Vodacom customer.

2) Vodacom’s allocation of any bundle(s) of minutes is subject to its internal technical investigation and is also subject to your use of a device which has been approved by ICASA for use on Vodacom’s network.

3) This bundle will be valid from the time of allocation until 23:59:59 of the following day.

4) These minutes are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for other bearer services or money. 

5) These minutes will be consumed first before any other bundled minutes unless it is superseded by a call bundle with a shorter validity period than the complimentary bundle referred to in these terms and conditions. 

6) Per minute unitisation will apply to this allocated minute/s irrespective of your current price plan’s unitisation. 

7) Standard carry-over rules do not apply.

8) Vodacom has the right to immediately terminate the allocation of these minutes at its discretion should any form of abuse be detected or for any other reason it may deem necessary in order to continually provide its customers with the best network coverage.  

9) Vodacom does not by way of this dropped call compensation accept any liability for dropped calls and will not entertain any claims in respect of any bundle(s) issued. Any bundle(s) issued to you is without admission of liability. 

10) These terms and conditions do not supersede any other terms and conditions and should be read in conjunction with any other contract terms and conditions applicable to you.

11)  Customers on price plans with Limitless Voice minutes will not be compensated for dropped calls.

12) Any dropped calls experienced while using VoLTE will be compensated with on-net minute/s.

13)  Calls dropped using VoWiFi will not be compensated for.

14) With effect from the 2 December 2016, Contract and Top-Up customers will be compensated once per week as opposed to daily.