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What are personalised offers?

Our personalised offers are there to keep you connected based on your needs with discounts of up to 70% compared to regular everyday offers. These special offers give you access to the products, services and bundles you need, at prices you'll love.

Everything you need to know about personalised offers...

    Don't you hate flipping through all the TV channels before you find the right show? Well we totally understand that which is why we created a simple place to find the best offers tailor made to what you like! Even better, we have also selected special discounts that may apply to your personalised offers so that you get more value compared to our everyday offers. Go on - check what offers and discounts you can receive right NOW with Just4You

    Go to Just 4 you offers at:

    It truly is. We look of your historic purchases with Vodacom to understand what your most favourite bundles are so we can recommend only the most useful options to you. Of course all your data is secure with us and we use best practice methods to keep things safe and private.

    We personalise your offers based on what you have purchased from Vodacom, the amount of data you use, the amount of voice minutes that you use, your phone make and model and similar information. What we will NEVER use and hence we totally ignore them is age, gender, race, the contents of your messages and communications or your ID number. You can further amend your permissions and preferences with Vodacom by clicking here or learn more by visiting our terms and conditions.

    There are a few places where you can find your personalised offers.

    The primary place is Just 4 You, accessible from the MyVodacom App or when you dial *123# on USSD from your mobile phone. From time to time we also extend personalised offers in the existing menus that hold everyday offers like those found in the Buy Data menus accessible via the MyVodacomApp and *135#. We also send you offers when you deplete your Data beyond certain thresholds to help you stay connected as well as give you add-on offers after you purchase a bundle to help you get the most from Vodacom. Look out for the savings badges and remember, The Future is Exciting, Ready?