Wellness Workshop Experience with Vodacom Red

Has lockdown got you down in the dumps?
Battling to find the time to take care of yourself in this “new normal”?
Has being housebound affected your family and personal relationships?
Do you need somebody to talk to?
Let Vodacom Red help in taking care of your emotional wellness at the Wellness Workshop Experience with Vodacom Red.
Join our wellness morning where knowledgeable experts will guide you through the minefield of emotional health.
We explore routines people can implement and adopt while working from home and living with limited human interactions
We’re living in a time of uncertainty. There are all types of grief and loss:
• The grief of losing people(family, friends or colleagues)
• The grief of a dramatic change in lifestyle
• The grief of ruined hopes, dreams and plans.
We explore these and more, the healing stages and the different ways to cope.
Relationships have been affected in so many ways. While some are stronger than before others have been irreparably damaged. We unpack these changes, why they happened, how to address them. Not just intimate ones with partners, also family, friends and colleagues.

In the kitchen with Lorna Maseko

Being a Vodacom Red Client can afford you some delectable experiences, even during a pandemic. You can thrill your senses in the kitchen and cook with renowned South African chef Lorna Maseko!

Your kitchen and taste buds can escape the lockdown as Lorna brings her world-class skills right to your home. Lorna has a thriving cooking channel, a cookbook and has hosted her TV show ‘The Hostess’ under a long list of her achievements, so you can bet all your kitchen utensils that you will be in great hands.

Vodacom Red will be offering you a live and exclusive interactive cooking experience in the most ingenious way. Awaken your culinary skills out of the lockdown slumber and let Vodacom Red take you to foodie heaven.

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In the kitchen with Lorna Maseko

When: Friday, 2 October and 13 November


Wellness Workshop Experience

When: 19 September

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