RED Family Share

Share your data with up to 6 Vodacom friends and family members

Everything shared brings double the joy

Share data from any of the following RED plans:

Non-business customers:
RED Premium+
RED More Data 10GB
Enterprise Business customers: 
RED Professional+
RED Executive+

and get double your monthly data back in Night Owl Data.

Terms and conditions apply

How to share data

  • Log in to My Vodacom

    Log in to My Vodacom

    First, log in to your My Vodacom account.

  • Choose a recipient

    Choose a recipient

    Select the Vodacom friend or family member you would like to share data with.

  • Select data amount

    Select data amount

    choose the amount of data you would like to share, you wil be charged R25/month for each person you share with.

Help & support

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Frequently Asked Questions
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support you need.

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