As part of our commitment to improve simplicity and give you the best value possible, we will be discontinuing certain Contract and Top Up price plans. This includes all variants of the base price plans listed below (i.e. per minute billing, per second billing, Contract, Top Up, SIM only and month-to-month).

Do not worry; you will not be disconnected and all services will remain active, however, if you are still on an older price plan at time of migration, you will automatically be moved over to one of our newer Vodacom price plans at a similar monthly subscription offering similar value. This however is not always possible given the construct of the older price plans and price points.


Which price plans are being discontinued?
Everyday Off-Peak 120
Talk 75s
Talk 130
Talk 200s
Talk 240   
Talk 350s
Talk 500s
Talk 1000s
Business Call S
Blackberry Talk 100
Blackberry Talk 240
Blackberry Talk 500
Frequent Call S
iPhone Everyday Off-Peak 120s
iPhone 120s
iPhone 240
iPhone 500s
Smart Light
Smart Advanced
Smart Standard
Smart Standard 229
Smart Super
Smart Talk 120s
Vodacom All-day 100
Top Up 49s
Top Up 75s
Top Up 99 Vodacom 4 Less
Top Up 135s
Top Up 140s
Top Up 199 Vodacom 4 Less
Top Up 200s
Top Up 275 S
Top Up 315s
Top Up 335s
Top Up 400s
Top Up 500s
Top Up 590s
Top Up 625s
Top Up 1000s
Top Up Value
Step Up
Top Up 80s
Top Up 55s

What price plan am I currently on?
To find out what your current price plan is, dial *135#, select 'Balances' followed by the 'Detailed' option

Why am I being migrated to a new price plan?
Your plan is outdated and offers you fewer benefits and value than our newer price plans.

Will the migration to a new price plan affect my upgrade date?
No, this migration will not affect your upgrade date in any way.

Can I be moved back to my previous plan?
No, the old price plans will no longer be available from the date specified in your SMS notification

Can I change my price plan if I am not happy with the recommended price plan?
Yes, you can change your price plan by calling 082135 or visiting your nearest Vodacom store. Certain upward migrations may be subject to a credit check and certain downward migrations may incur a migration fee. Standard Vodacom terms and conditions will still apply. Please review the T&Cs pertaining to your plan.


Visit a Vodacom shop for more information and advice