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This is so much more than a phone. It?s the hub of your life. Always with you. Always on. Your primary screen. You do everything with your phone. Shouldn?t you expect more from it? Introducing the iPhone 7

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  • Bigger dual edge screen
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    - Live Broadcast powered by YouTube
    - Crisp and bright photos in all light conditions
  • Faster charging
    - Built in Fast Wireless charging
    - 0-100% in 90min
  • Power to keep you in the game
    - 64 bit Octa-core Processor
    - 4GB RAM
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iPhone 7 now in South Africa ? Prices & Review

The new iPhone 7. Everybody in South Africa is talking about it, especially our iPhone 7 prices as well as all the iPhone 7 specs, features and reviews. That?s why we?ve made this cellphone available for you to buy and enjoy on the Vodacom network at impressive Contract and Prepaid prices, plus we?ve put together a detailed list and explanation of all iPhone 7 features as well as a review that you need to read before buying it.

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iPhone 7 camera specs and features

iPhone 7?s camera system takes exceptional high-quality photos and this cellphone can film videos of a remarkable visual quality too.

12-megapixel wide angle and telephoto cameras: First, what is a ?megapixel?? This is a digital camera-related, image-/video-taking performance measurement unit. A pixel is the tiny, individual illuminated ?area?, which together with thousands or millions others make up a display screen. ?Megapixel? refers to 1 million pixels. So, each photo that the iPhone 7 camera takes is made up of 12 million pixels, which gives your photos incredible clarity. The new camera system consists of two cameras (wide-angle and telephoto cameras) which work together to produce outstanding photos and videos.

Optical image stabilisation: This handy iPhone 7 feature helps to prevent you from taking blurry photos and videos. These will look less ?shaky? while on the move.

7-megapixel front-facing camera: This camera on iPhone 7 faces the person using it while looking at the iPhone 7?s screen. Use this camera for taking selfies and for FaceTime, the app that allows you to video call other iPhone users who also have the FaceTime app.

4K video recording capabilities: ?4K? refers to the ?Ultra High Definition? video quality that the iPhone 7 can film. This means that the special moments you?ll record with your iPhone 7 will look crystal clear and crisp.

Quad-LED True Tone flash: This is your iPhone 7?s camera flash that helps you take great photos when the ambient lighting is poor. This camera flash lights up the subject matter as well as possible, and also ensures that colours look natural.

2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom: iPhone 7?s main camera system lets you take excellent close-up photos while standing relatively far away from the object or person that you?re capturing. ?Optical zoom? and ?digital zoom? refer to the camera lens and the device itself which work together to achieve this superb capability.

iPhone 7?s specs and features are extraordinary. It offers many innovative improvements over previous iPhone models. The iPhone has never been more visually appealing, practical, feature-packed and powerful. In comparison to preceding iPhone models, the technical specs and features specs of iPhone 7 push the boundaries.

iPhone 7 colour specs

iPhone 7 is visually distinctive. Some iPhone 7 specs are more aesthetic, such as the striking ?Jet Black? or ?Rose Gold? device colour options.

For the first time ever, you can buy an iPhone in shiny (high-gloss) Jet Black or the matte Black colour. The Gold, Silver or Rose Gold coloured devices are equally appealing.

For the first time ever, you can buy an iPhone in shiny (high-gloss) Jet Black or the matte Black colour. The Gold, Silver or Rose Gold coloured devices are equally appealing.

iPhone 7 performance

A10 Fusion Chip: This is the physical heart of your iPhone 7 and allows it to perform all of its intended functions quickly and seamlessly.

iOS 10: This refers to the iPhone 7?s operating system; the intangible part that makes the cellphone work as it should together with all other parts, such as the A10 Fusion Chip. ?10? refers to the version of the operating system.

iPhone 7 display screen

Retina HD display with 4.7-inch LED-backlit widescreen (5.5-inch with the Plus model): ?Retina HD? and ?LED-backlit? refer to both iPhone 7 model screens? excellent range of vivid, bright colours and crisp visual details that can be displayed on the screen ? the best iPhone display screen yet! The ?inches? refer to the iPhone 7?s display screen?s size as measured diagonally from the top corner to the opposing bottom of the screen.

iPhone 7 speakers and earphones

A new stereo speaker system: iPhone 7 has a fun side too. This feature ensures that sounds produced by the cellphone are more natural than on previous iPhone models. This speaker system has the ability to produce sound that is twice as loud as the previous iPhone 6s model.

EarPods and Lightning Connector: EarPods are wireless (don?t plug into your cellphone) earphones which work with iPhone 7. Lightning Connector refers to the ?plug? at the bottom of the cellphone and the connector cable that can ?plug into? it. This allows the iPhone 7 to physically connect with other devices including its charger

Please note: We?ve tried to explain the spec and feature information below without using technical jargon and as simply as possible. In the process, we may have omitted certain technical details and not necessarily be 100% descriptive. You can find more information in official iPhone 7 technical material.

iPhone 7 ? South African Review

So, what do South African?s think of the new iPhone 7? Here?s a positive review of the iPhone 7 Plus:

"I love it! I love everything about my iPhone 7 Plus. It?s really impressive! The sound quality is excellent and the camera is amazing."

M. Holworthy

iPhone 7 Prices in South Africa from Vodacom

iPhone 7 Contract Prices in South Africa
Price Airtime / Minutes Data SMS
Apple iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold

R679 per month on Smart S with 10GB data once-off

75 Minutes 200 MB 200 SMS
Apple iPhone 7 128GB Gold

R819 per month on Smart S+ with 10 GB data once-off

75 Minutes 500 MB 500 MB
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Silver

R949 per month on Smart More Data 2GB with 10 GB data once-off

50 Minutes 2 GB 25 SMS
iPhone 7 Top Up Prices in South Africa
Price Airtime / Minutes Data SMS
Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black

R679 per month on uChoose Flexi 200 with 10GB data once-off

R200 Airtime 0 MB 0 MB
Apple iPhone 7 128GB Jet Black

R839 per month on Smart Top Up S+ with 10GB data once-off

75 Minutes 500 MB 75 SMS
iPhone 7 Prepaid Prices in South Africa
Device Available colours Price
Apple iPhone 7 32GB
Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold R13 999
Apple iPhone 7 128GB
Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Jet Black R16 199
Apple iPhone 7 256GB
Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Jet Black R18 399
Apple iPhone 7 PLUS 32GB
Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold R16 599
Apple iPhone 7 PLUS 128GB
Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Jet Black R18 799
Apple iPhone 7 PLUS 256GB
Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Jet Black R20 999
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