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What's in the box?

All TV Deals bought from Vodacom, including a Router or SIM card, come with a physical voucher that you redeem for your TV. The TV will be delivered by a third party
(not by Vodacom) so please keep your voucher safe.

How to redeem your voucher for a TV

Step 1:

Purchase a TV deal online or at a Vodacom store and receive a physical voucher card in the box. This will be delivered by our courier partner.


Step 2:

Follow the steps on the back of the voucher card to redeem your TV.


Step 3:

Submit your details.


Step 4:

Verify your TV licence number.


IMPORTANT: If you do not submit a valid TV license number you cannot proceed to the next step.


Step 5:

A call centre agent will contact you to verify your address.


IMPORTANT: The call-centre agent will attempt to contact you 3 times. If they cannot reach you, your order will be cancelled.


Step 6:

Should all the steps above be successful, your order will be dispatched for delivery.


Step 7:

The courier will deliver your order in 3-5 working days.

If you need further help

Email: [email protected]0

Call us: 082 17844


Email: [email protected]v

Visit: vvcr.co/support


Email: [email protected]