Vodacom Foundation

Giving back to customers

About the Vodacom Foundation

 The Vodacom Foundation is the corporate social investment (CSI) arm of Vodacom. The Foundation leverages Vodacom’s enormous technological capability to improve people’s lives. At Vodacom our purpose is to connect people and create possibilities.

Mobile Education Programme

 The Vodacom Mobile Education Programme provides quality Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment and Internet access to thousands of teachers and learners.

 To date, we've provided equipment and internet connectivity to 1615 schools, improving their learning experience.

 To find out more, visit www.digitalclassroom.co.za


Vodacom Health

 The Stock Visibility Solution (SVS) enables nurses at clinics to manage the availability of chronic medication and avoid stock-outs.

 Vodacom Foundation also has long-standing relationships with several non-profit organisations. Our intention is not to simply offer money, but also bring our expertise to these projects, so that the funding is used to maximum benefit.

 Some of the partners include:


Vodacom Youth Academy

 Ten of the Teacher Centres offer training through the Vodacom Youth Academy. Unemployed youth can come into the centres for free skills training. Our target market is out-of-school youth, or undergraduates, with Grade 12 certificates (Matric), having passed Mathematics, Science and English - first or second language.

 For more information on the programme please visit www.digitalclassroom.co.za


The Vodacom Bursary Scheme

 Vodacom's Open Bursary Scheme awards bursaries, based on merit and need, to students who successfully pass their matric exams. Vodacom awards 110 bursaries every year to attend local universities. Bursaries cover tuition, books, meals, transport and accommodation.