Travel the world with Vodacom

Stay in touch – and SAVE - when you roam on our partner networks around the world

Conveniently use your Vodacom SIM cards when you travel overseas, so that you’re only a phone call, SMS, email or instant message away from loved ones, friends and colleagues.

  • Make and receive calls
  • Send and receive SMSs
  • Access the Internet, your email and company’s network
  • Stay active and share your experiences on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Benefit from affordable rates to control your spend and avoid bill shock

Roaming costs

How much do voice calls, data and SMSs cost while roaming?

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 Prepaid Topup Contract  

Vodafone World

Roam internationally in three world zones and get fixed, predictable rates for voice, SMS and data


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Data Roaming

Access the Internet and your emails while travelling abroad, plus get Super Saver Data rates on partner networks. 
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Travel Saver

Gives you the best, lowest roaming rates on any network in 26 countries for a R30 daily subscription fee.  



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SMS Roamer

Stay in touch while travelling via SMS only, and save on data and voice roaming costs.



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Africa Roaming 

Automatically qualify for reduced call, SMS and data rates on participating Africa Family networks. 
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Travel tips for hitch-free connectivity

Please note: International Roaming is a value-added service and prices are higher when roaming.

  • On a Contract? Apply for Vodafone World to be activated at least seven days before you leave.
  • On Prepaid or Top Up? Activate Vodafone World about 24 hours before you leave.
  • Want SMS only? Activate SMS Roamer about 24 hours before you leave or when you get to the airport - a great option if you need to receive banking notifications. 
  • You can still access your voicemail by dialling 132. Calls to 132 will be charged as calls made back to South Africa.
  • Calls to Customer Care while abroad are FREE. Make calls and send SMS queries to +27 82 135 OR chat to us


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