Meet TOBi – our Vodacom chatbot

A smart addition to our Customer Care team, TOBi is a digital assistant created using the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. TOBi is dedicated and is available to help 24/7, no matter where you are!

Forget having to go in-store and skip the call centre queues; rather chat to TOBi whenever you need assistance. TOBi is super-efficient and strives to solve your issues directly and in record time. TOBi may not be able to help you with everything and can get a human to call you back or connect you to a live agent at any point.

Whether you’re a Prepaid, Top Up or Contract customer, TOBi is always online and ready to help. Chat to TOBi today on:

Chat to TOBi for Prepaid customers:

Chat to TOBi for Contract customers:

Why chat to TOBi?

He is passionate about learning on the job

Using state-of-the-art machine learning, TOBi will respond and interact with you one-on-one to answer some of your most common account and service-related queries. TOBi gets smarter with each chat, and by simply talking to him, you’ll help him improve. So go on, ask him tough questions, challenge his lightning-fast thought processes, and put TOBi to the test!

Ask TOBi to help you…

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