Spotify Premium now on Vodacom

Soundtrack your life with Spotify Premium and Vodacom.


Discover music with Spotify Premium and Vodacom for just R59.99 per month

Soundtrack your life with Spotify Premium and simply pay with your Vodacom account – no credit or debit card needed.

Why choose Spotify Premium?

Premium features

Browse and create custom playlists, listen to podcasts or fire up Spotify Radio, which picks the music for you – so you can sit back and listen to the music you love.

Download and listen on the go

From albums, to playlists, to individual tracks, you can take your music with you - even when you're offline - whether you're taking a road trip, working out in the gym or relaxing at home.

Go Premium now with Vodacom!


Why add Spotify Premium to your Vodacom account?

Using Pay with Vodacom means you no longer need a credit or debit card to sign up to Spotify Premium. The subscription is simply deducted from your Vodacom account. If you are a prepaid user, it is deducted off your airtime balance or added to your monthly bill if you are a Vodacom contract customer.

This is the power of Pay with Vodacom.



How to activate Vodacom Add to Bill for Spotify Premium

Follow these simple steps:


Step 1

Go to and create an account. Under Account, select View Plans


Step 2

Click on Get Started
Select ‘Pay by mobile: Vodacom’ when choosing your payment method


Step 3

Click on Start My Spotify Premium, select Vodacom and enter your mobile number


Step 4

A One Time Pin will be sent to you via text message to enter in the next screen to confirm your subscription.


Step 5

Your subscription is now active

Already a Spotify Premium subscriber? Access your account settings via the app on web and select ‘Subscription’ in the left side-bar menu to update your payment method.