Persons with visual impairments
Explanation of persons with visual impairments

Refers to persons who are blind, partially sighted or have low vision

Accessible devices

Vodacom offers both Apple and Android smart devices that is accessible for persons with visual impairments. These devices come standard with built-in text-to-speech applications (Apple - VoiceOver and Android- TalkBack), which converts text to audio on the devices, allowing customers to listen to information such as SMSs, contacts, battery life, signal strength and more.

Need help finding a device with the accessibility features that work best for you?

  • Accessible apps My Vodacom App

    Accessibility of My Vodacom app

    The My Vodacom app is accessible for visually impaired persons when using the text-to-speech functions on their Apple (VoiceOver)or Android (TalkBack) devices.

    Benefits of using My Vodacom App

    • buy data and airtime
    • buy funeral and life cover
    • buy data and airtime
    • buy data and airtime
    • buy data and airtime

    How to download the My Vodacom App?

More accessible apps for visually impaired persons

These apps can assist with everyday tasks, increase independence and generally make things easier.
Click here to find out about apps developed specifically for visually impaired users.

Find out more In-store activation of VoiceOver and TalkBack

Vodacom store consultants are always ready to assist visually impaired customers who may need help turning on the VoiceOver or TalkBack application on their accessible Apple or Android devices after a purchase.

Switching on VoiceOver and TalkBack

However, if you would like to do it yourself then follow the steps below (Note that a sighted person will have to assist you initially):

Apple - How to turn VoiceOver on

1. Press the HOME button 3 times quickly or
2. Go to Settings - General – Accessibility – VoiceOver – turn it ON

Basic Gestures for Apple Devices when VoiceOver is turned on:

Single tap - Hear the description of what you have tapped
Double tap - Activate or open what you have tapped
Swipe right/left - Move to the next item on screen
Scroll up/down - Use 3 fingers to scroll

Android - How to turn TalkBack on:

Go to Settings - Accessibility - Vision - turn it ON

Basic Gestures for Android Devices when TalkBack is turned ON:

Single tap - Hear the description of what you have tapped
Double tap - Activate or open what you have tapped
Scroll up/down - Use 2 fingers to scroll

VoiceOver and TalkBack training

To receive training on VoiceOver and TalkBack, contact the following organisations:

  • SA National Council for the Blind, Pretoria
    Tel 012 452 3811

    Blind SA, Johannesburg
    Tel 011 839 1793

  • Cape Town Society for the Blind
    Tel 021 448 4302

    Hein Wagner Academy, Worcester
    Tel 023 346 6800 / E-mail:

Priority device repairs

We understand that your mobile device is your life line. As a person with a disability, your repair will receive priority when booking in your device (depending on the nature of the repair). Hence, when booking in your device, mention to the consultant that you are a person with a disability. This will enable your request to be prioritized.

Register your disability (Voluntary)
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  • Get information about resources for users

  • Find out about services

or call 082 12580 FREE from any Vodacom SIM card or e-mail

Customer care and product information
  • Product information and general queries

    082 12580 (FREE from any Vodacom SIM card)
    (from any Vodacom SIM card)
    MyVodacom App
    For all contract customers
    For prepaid customers with communication
    barriers (Deaf, hard of hearing, hearing impaired,
    deaf, Deafblind, speech impaired) who have
    registered their disability

    Account related queries
    See all Vodacom Customer Care numbers and short codes for account related queries.

  • Feedback
    Share your feedback about our services or share information about accessible technology by sending an e-mail to:

    Note This e-mail address is exclusively for the use of persons with disabilities


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