Persons with communication barriers
Persons with communication barriers

The term “Persons with communication barriers” refers to persons who are Deaf, hard of hearing, deaf, hearing impaired, Deafblind and speech impaired

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Special contract smart phone deals

Customers with communication barriers (Deaf, hard of hearing, deaf, hearing impaired, Deafblind and speech impaired) who prefer to not use voice calls shouldn't have to pay for unnecessary voice costs.

Therefore we have created monthly smartphone contract deals consisting of only data and SMS.

How to get the deals

Available at Vodacom shops – ask in-store about the deals
Shop on-line –
For more information send an e-mail to

Special SMS bundles for persons with communication barriers

We have created a SMS bundle price plan, suitable for you, giving you more value and ensuring you stay connected when you purchase an SMS bundle, you receive an extra SMS bundle, FREE of charge.

Standard SMS bundle Deaf and hearing Impaired SMS bundle Total Cost per bundle In-bundle SMS Out-of-bundle SMS (peak) Out-of-bundle SMS (off-peak)
20 40 R10.00 25c 80c 35c
50 10 R25.00 25c 80c 35c
100 200 R33.00 17c 80c 35c
200 400 R45.00 11c 35c 35c
300 600 R67.50 11c 35c 35c
500 1000 R112.50 11c 35c 35c
1000 2000 R225.00 11c 35c 35c
1500 3000 R337.50 11c 35c 35c
2000 4000 R450.00 11c 35c 35c

We understand that your mobile device is your life line. As a person with a disability, your repair will receive priority when booking in your device (depending on the nature of the repair). Hence, when booking in your device mention to the consultant that you are a person with a disability. This will enable your request to be prioritized.

Register your disability (Voluntary)
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Customer care and product information
  • Product information and general queries

    082 12580 (FREE from any Vodacom SIM card)
    (from any Vodacom SIM card)
    MyVodacom App
    For all contract customers
    For prepaid customers with communication
    barriers (Deaf, hard of hearing, hearing impaired,
    deaf, Deafblind, speech impaired) who have
    registered their disability

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  • Feedback
    Share your feedback about our services or share information about accessible technology by sending an e-mail to:

    Note This e-mail address is exclusively for the use of persons with disabilities


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