New Vodacom contact numbers and short codes 

New Vodacom Customer Care 111, airtime recharge 100, Vodacom balances *100# and voicemail 121 contact numbers

Please note: The following short codes have changed.

How to contact Vodacom Customer Care?

Service Old Code New Codes
Customer Care 111 135
Customer Service on USSD *111# *135#

How do I view my Vodacom Balances and recharge my account?

Service Old Code New Codes
Prepaid recharge 100 136
Prepaid balance enquiry on USSD *100# *136#

How do I access my Voicemail Services?

Service Old Code New Codes
Listen to voicemail 121 132
Leave voicemail message 082 14 (last 9 digits of cell phone number) 134 or 082 14 (last 9 digits of cell phone number)

Vodacom account enquiry contact number:

Service Old Code New Codes
Account enquiry N/A 137

What is the Vodacom Customer Care contact number? 


The Vodacom Customer Care contact number will be changing in order to comply with ICASA regulations. 

 The exact ICASA regulations:  Number Plan Regulations, 24 March 2016, Government Gazette Number 39861

How to recharge my Vodacom prepaid account? 


Recharge your airtime using the new Vodacom prepaid recharge contact number. The Vodacom prepaid recharge contact number (100) has changed. After the 24th of March 2018 Vodacom customers should not dial 100 to recharge your airtime - instead you will be required to recharge your airtime by dialling 136. Vodacom customers can also use the My Vodacom App to recharge your airtime or to purchase airtime, data, voice minutes or SMS bundles directly from the app, anywhere and at any time.

How to view my balances with Vodacom? 


Need to view your Vodacom airtime balances? As a Vodacom customer you may be familiar with the fact that you would usually dial *100# to view your Vodacom airtime balance, this number will be changing in order to comply with ICASA’s “short code harmonisation” regulations. This means that you will now need to dial *136# to view your Vodacom airtime balances. Alternatively you can download the My Vodacom App from your app store and track your airtime, data, voice and SMS balances from our app.

What is the Vodacom Voicemail contact number? 


Need to access your Vodacom voicemails? Due to the mandatory “short code harmonisation” requirement enforced by ICASA the voicemail contact number (121) will be changing. In order to access your voicemail services, you will now need to dial 132 to listen to your voicemails. Vodacom 121 will be decommissioned after the 24th of March, you will then be required to dial 132 in order to listen to your voicemail messages.

Why are we changing these short codes?


The Independent Communication Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has requested that ALL cellular networks standardise certain short codes. 

• The numbering plan regulations and harmonisation of certain short codes are applicable to all licencees that have an independent electronic service licence (I-ECS), so this will apply to both mobile and fixed networks and not only “cellular networks”

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