Internet Solutions - WiFi & Fibre Deals

Experience fast & reliable
Vodacom Fibre
  • Vodacom Fibre gives you ultra-fast internet with the added benefit of a voice line
  • Our Fibre deals are great for gaming, downloads and streaming video!
  • Connect multiple devices to the internet at the same time
  • Reliable, wireless Internet connection for your home
  • Single Internet connection for your desktops, laptops, smartphones and gaming consoles
  • Can also be used to make VoIP calls
  • Wireless super-fast Internet for your cellphones, tablets and notebooks
  • Speed that's up to three times faster than 3G
  • Stutter-free video,breezy gaming, almost instant music and picture downloads
Data Sharing SIM
  • Get up to four additional data SIM cards linked to your primary contract
  • Receive one consolidated bill at month-end so there’s no messy admin
  • SIMs can be used simultaneously in various devices
Internet Daily
  • Browse affordably
  • Connect with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter
  • Avoid the stress of bill shock