Vodacom SMS Emergency Service for the Deaf

Send an SMS with the keyword “Register” to 082 112 to activate*.

What is the Vodacom SMS Emergency Service?

The Vodacom SMS Emergency Service is an Emergency Service exclusively for Vodacom’s Deaf, Hearing and Speech Impaired customers.

Who qualifies to use the Emergency Service?

Contract and Prepaid Vodacom customers who are Deaf, hearing and speech impaired.

How does the Emergency Service work?

The Emergency Service enables registered customers to request emergency services such as police, ambulance, fire and sea rescue by sending an SMS to the ER 24 Emergency Service Contact Centre. In order to use the Emergency Service, Deaf, Hearing and speech impaired customers must first register their mobile number.

How do I register to use the Emergency Service?

Send an SMS with the keyword “Register” to 082 112. You will be requested to indicate your disability type and accept the Terms and conditions. Once registered, you can use the service.

How do I send a message for help?

Send an SMS with the keyword “Help” to 082 112. The ER 24 Emergency Service Contact Centre Agent will request the relevant emergency service such as police, fire, sea rescue and ambulance on your behalf.

Please provide the following information when requesting an emergency service:
   •   Which emergency service is needed, e.g. fire brigade.
   •   What the problem is, e.g. there’s a fire
   •   Where the assistance is needed; provide the street name or a landmark (even though your location will be picked up via the location-based

Support and more information

E-mail: [email protected]
SMS: 12580
Call: 082 12580 free from a Vodacom phone Find out

*Terms and conditions apply 

Need more information? See our FAQs 



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