Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone

Read voicemail on your iPhone just like email.

  • View and manage your voicemail messages like emails in your inbox.  
  • No need to dial 132 to retrieve saved messages.
  • Select the messages you want to listen to, in the order you prefer.


To activate Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone

SMS ‘VVM ON’ to 123
Contact your Service Provider

What is Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone?

  • Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone gives you direct access to your voicemail messages just like regular email, instead of dialling the voicemail retrieval number. 
  • Scroll through your email inbox to quickly get to the message you want. 
  • Record a personal greeting for specific callers.

Who can get Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone?

Vodacom Contract, Top Up and Prepaid customers who use iPhones can get Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone.

    Why should I get Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone?

    Manage voicemail just like email

    See who left a message before listening to it.

    Easy to use with just a tap

    Listen to, delete or reply to your messages right from your iPhone’s screen without dialling 132.

    View messages in any order

    Scan and select messages as you want - according to the caller, date, time and urgency.

    How much does Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone cost? 

    • After the first 30 FREE days, you pay only R9.99 per month (including VAT).
    • Contract or Top Up customer? Subscribe to this service on a month-to-month basis. The cost will be added to your monthly bill.
    • Prepaid customer? The subscription fee will be deducted from your Prepaid airtime every 30 days.

    How do I get Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone?

    There are four ways to activate Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone:

    • SMS ‘VVM ON’ to 123 to subscribe to the service. Activation will take place within 24 hours.
    • Download the latest software from iTunes on your iPhone.
    • Contact your Service Provider.
    • Call Customer Care on 082 135, FREE from your Vodacom iPhone.

    To unsubscribe from Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone:

    SMS ‘VVM OFF’ to 123


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