Look 4 It

Everything you’re looking for is at your fingertips! 

  • Locate nearby services and facilities.
  • Get live updates on weather and traffic conditions.
  • You don’t need a smartphone - Look 4 It works on any cellphone.

To use Look 4 It

Dial *120*555#
from your Vodacom cellphone

What is Look 4 It?

Vodacom Look 4 It uses your cellphone’s location to help you find nearby services; restaurants, filling stations, movies, healthcare and much more. You can also get live weather and traffic updates on-the-go.

  • It works on all cellphones that support the use of shortcodes such as *120*555#

  • Information you’re looking for is sent to you by SMS for FREE!

Who can use Look 4 It?

All Vodacom Contract, Top Up and Prepaid customers can use Look 4 It.

Why should I use Look 4 It?

A wide range of services and facilities covered

Locate emergency services, movie theatres, ATMs, restaurants and much more.

Instant access to information

Get information on your screen as soon as your location is determined.

No need for a smartphone

Use any cellphone on which you can dial shortcodes such as *120*555#.

Live information at your fingertips

Check live traffic and weather conditions in your area as well as other cities.

No need to register or activate

Look 4 It is already active for customers using our world-class network.

How much does Look 4 It cost?

  • There’s no activation or registration fee; you pay only 67c per 20 seconds to use the service.

  • The information you receive via SMS is FREE.

Please note:

The charge for using the service will be deducted from your Prepaid airtime or added to your monthly bill.

How do I use Look 4 It?

To use Look 4 It:

  • Dial *120*555# on your Vodacom cellphone and press the call button.

  • A list of categories will appear. Find the number for the category that you’re interested in.

  • Type the number for the desired category and press the call button.

  • A list of options will appear. Find the number for the option that you’re interested in.

  • Type the number for the desired option and press the call button.

  • You’ll receive an SMS with the information you’re looking for.

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