Convenience & security

  • MMS Bundles
    Send multimedia messages including pictures, video clips, music and animation at cheaper in-bundle rates. Find out more
  • Visual Voicemail 4 iPhone
    Get direct access to voice messages and read them just like email, in your inbox, instead of dialling 121. Find out more
  • Look 4 Me
    A location-based service that lets you find other Vodacom Contract and Prepaid customers, using your cellphone. Find out more
  • Vodacom Email
    Get a FREE 3GB Vodacom Email account with standard features or upgrade to premium email with 5GB of storage. Find out more
  • Look 4 It
    Use your cellphone’s location to find nearby ATMs, restaurants, filling stations etc, plus get live weather and traffic updates. Find out more
  • Caller Identity
    Screen and manage incoming calls by seeing the caller’s number on your cellphone before you choose to answer. Find out more
  • Voicemail 2 Text 
    Your English voicemail messages are converted into text and delivered to you as SMSs. Find out more
  • Message Plus
    Get your voicemail messages delivered to your email inbox Find out more
  • Call Limit
    Control your spend, limit your usage and manage your expenses by setting a call limit on your Contract account. Find out mor 
  • SMS Bundles
    Buy bundles at a discounted bulk price to send text messages at cheaper, in-bundles SMS rates. Find out more
  • International Calling
    Call friends abroad at low rates from your cellphone in South Africa. Find out more
  • Airtime Transfer
    Send airtime from your cellphone to any Vodacom Prepaid or Top Up customer. Find out more
  • Travel Data Bundles
    Save on data roaming costs, daily bundle available for use in more than 130 countries. Find out more
  • Itemised Billing
    Gives a detailed breakdown of your monthly cellphone expenses including a list of calls, SMSs, MMSs and services used. Find out more
  • Vodafone World
    Roam internationally in three world zones and get fixed, predictable rates for voice, SMS and data. Find out more
  • SMS Roamer
    Stay in touch while travelling via SMS only, and save on data and voice roaming costs. View details
  • eBilling
    Go paperless and save trees when you get your Vodacom bill delivered directly to your email inbox. View details
  • Secure Net Parental Control
    Protect your children from being exposed to illegal and inappropriate adult content. View details
  • Travel Saver
    Gives you the best, lowest roaming rates on any network in 26 countries for a R30 daily subscription fee. Find out more
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