Travel Data Bundles

keeps you connected to the internet with peace of mind in more than 150 countries

A first for South Africa!

  • Vodacom brings you Travel Data Bundles for roaming.
  • Save on data roaming costs with a fixed daily fee for the bundle of your choice and the country you visit.
  • Select a 50MB or 100MB daily bundle available for use in more than 130 countries.

Activate International Roaming to access Travel Saver Data bundles.

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Checking out nearby attractions, restaurant reviews, maps, timetables for public transport and even IM messaging while you travel has just become more affordable. Daily Internet roaming bundles are now available for use in 130 countries.

Why get Travel Data Bundles?

With Vodacom Travel Data bundles, you save on data because you pay a fixed daily fee for the bundle that you choose and the country you visit. It's available for each day you use data while roaming. We'll send you a free SMS notification of your usage and to alert you as you reach your limit.
  • Save money when you go abroad. Pay as little as R99 per day for a 50MB bundle with low out-of-bundle rates.
  • Only pay for the days you use.

How do I activate and deactivate Travel Data Bundles?

  • Travel Data Bundles are only available to Contract customers who've activated basic roaming services.
  • SMS 'Roamstatus' to 123 to check if your roaming service is.
  • Roaming service not active? Please call Customer Care on 082 135 for assistance.
  • Dial *135*130# to activate the service directly.
  • Or dial *135# then 'Services' > 'Roaming' > 'Travel Data Bundles'.

Please ensure that you read the full terms and conditions.


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