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To set a call limit

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Control your spend by limiting your usage. 

  • Set a voluntary call limit on your cellphone usage.
  • Limit calls made to an affordable amount, get SMS notifications to track usage and avoid getting your line locked.
  • We help you manage your expenses for the first seven months of your new contract by imposing a mandatory call limit.

What is a call limit?                    

  • Call limits aim to help you manage your cellphone expenses by placing a voluntary Rand limit on your account.
  • If you’re a new Contract customer, you’ll have a mandatory limit for the first seven months of your subscription.
  • You can also choose to set a voluntary limit that’s either permanent or temporary.

Types of call limit services

Mandatory call limit

  • We impose a mandatory call limit on all new contracts for the first seven months.
  • Want to remove the mandatory call limit before the seven months are up? We’ll first have to review your credit score.
  • If you reach your monthly call limit, you won’t be able to make outgoing calls, send SMSs or use data until the next month starts.
  • Reached the call limit before month-end? The limit cannot be removed but you may upgrade your price plan.

 Voluntary call limit

  • Opt to place a voluntary call/credit limit on top of the mandatory limit.
  • The voluntary limit must be less than the mandatory limit.
  • Receive SMS alerts when your usage reaches 50%, 70% and 90% of the limit set.
  • When you reach 98% of the limit amount, your line will be locked.
  • You won’t be able to use your free minutes – these will be carried over to the next month.
  • Choose to use the limit only for notification purposes - your line will remain unlocked.

 Permanent and temporary limit

  Permanent call limit

  • Monthly-recurring voluntary call limit.
  • Remains the same every month until you change it.

    Temporary Call limit

  • Ideal if you want a different voluntary limit for a specific period – like when going on holiday.
  • Can only be set if you have an existing permanent voluntary call limit.
  • Can be set above/below the voluntary limit, but it must be less than the active mandatory limit.

Who can set call limits?

All Vodacom Contract customers can set a call limit on their accounts.    

* Not available to customers with multiple lines.               


Why set a call limit?

 Control your daily cellphone spend

Set a limit on your account to keep your cellphone expenses in check every month.

Track your usage using SMS

Get SMS notifications as you get closer to reaching the call limit, and avoid getting your line locked.

Help & Support

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