Go paperless and save trees.

  • Get your Vodacom bill directly in your email inbox.
  • Convenient, eco-friendly and FREE.
  • Much easier to store and manage than paper bills.

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What is eBilling?          

  • eBilling from Vodacom is a FREE paperless electronic service that sends your monthly bill directly to your email inbox.
  • It lets you access your contract account information, easily and securely.
  • All Vodacom Contract customers can get eBilling.

Why should I get eBilling?

A way to save storage space

Go paperless! Save trees and save yourself the trouble of filing papers.

 Compare bills

Easily compare the current month’s usage with that of previous months.

 No need to scan or fax your bills

Submit your eBills electronically for tax and reimbursement purposes.

How much does eBilling cost?

eBilling is FREE – no registration charge or monthly costs for receiving ebills.

How do I register for eBilling?

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Call Customer Care on 082 135, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

Help & Support

 Vodacom eBilling FAQs 

Read our Frequently Asked Questions online to get all the eBilling support you need.
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