Vodafone Guardian

Encourage your child's safe and responsible use of digital technology.

  • Prevent your children from accessing inappropriate content on their cellphones
  • Block calls and SMSs to and from specific cellphone numbers

To download Vodafone Guardian

Visit your cellphone’s app store


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What is Vodafone Guardian?

Vodafone Guardian is a protective app which gives parents the ability to safeguard their children from inappropriate content.You can choose what your kids use their smartphones for, when they use them, plus you can even use it to control your employees' cellphone costs.

Why should I get Vodafone Guardian?

Protect your child from cyber bullying

Block specific contacts or cellphone numbers to prevent unsuitable text messages or calls.

Manage how your children use their smartphones

Specify times during which your child can make or receive calls, use apps, access the Internet and use the camera. 

Know who your child calls

Restrict outgoing calls to named contacts, such as ‘Mum’, ‘Dad’ or specific friends.

How much does Vodafone Guardian cost?

  • Vodafone Guardian is a FREE app
  • The download will be charged according to your price plan's data rate
  • This is a once-off download with no monthly subscriptions

How do I get Vodafone Guardian?

Search for 'Vodafone Guardian' in your cellphone's app store.


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