Skip the queues and phone calls.

Manage your account, buy bundles, view our latest promotions, pay your bills, get exclusive access to the VodaBucks store, PLUS so much MORE!


Skip the queues and phone calls.

Manage your account, buy bundles, view our latest promotions, pay your bills, get exclusive access to the VodaBucks store, PLUS so much MORE!


How to download the My Vodacom App

Download the latest version of the My Vodacom App from your app store all the latest benefits. View and manage your airtime, data, voice and SMS balances, PLUS you can buy bundles, access your account details and claim rewards.


VodaBucks Store

Get rewarded with VodaBucks and use them to shop for data and airtime, electronics, groceries, fashion and MORE!


Buying bundles is easier than ever!

Get exclusive app offers and buy airtime or data with your debit or credit card. You can also save your card details to make payments even more convenient.


Check your balances

Stay in control and check all your airtime, data and other balances. The nifty Detailed Data Usage tool allows you to see exactly where your data is being used.



Stay in touch with friends and family for free! You get 20 FREE SMSs daily.


Manage your content services

Keep tabs on content you’ve subscribed to or block unwanted services in a flash.


View and pay your bill

Contract and Top Up customers can view your Vodacom bill/invoice or statement. You can even pay your bills by debit or credit card.


What kind of Vodacom customer are you? 



What kind of Vodacom customer are you? 

Top Up



What kind of Vodacom customer are you? 



Did you know that you can also:


Get the best, personalised voice, data and entertainment bundles on Just 4 You.



Buy prepaid electricity


Settle your DStv and Box Office bills, and pay traffic fines.


Manage your Vodacom Fibre acount


Frequently asked questions

1. Can I view detailed balances using the My Vodacom App?
  •  Yes you can, the My Vodacom App allows you to track and stay in control of how much data and airtime you use.
  • Don’t forget you can also make use of the Detailed Data Usage to view which websites and Apps are using your data.

2. How do I send a Free SMS using the My Vodacom App?
  • We have made it easier for you to stay connected by allowing you to Send up to 20 Free SMSs daily on the My Vodacom App. You can send these messages to any network.
  • From the account overview screen, tap on the ‘More’ menu and select 'Send Free SMS'.

3. Can I use my debit or credit card to make purchases on the My Vodacom App?
  • Your card can be used to do the following
    • Buy data and voice bundles
    • Just 4 you offers
    • Pay your Vodacom Bill
    • Buy prepaid electricity
    • Settle EasyPay accounts
    • Pay traffic fines
  • Don't forget to store your card to make purchase easier the next time you use the app.

4. Are you able to use the My Vodacom App to cancel unwanted WASP and Content services?
  • Use the Manage content services functionality to deactivate unwanted services linked to your number.

5. Is the App free to use?
  • The My Vodacom App allows your view your balance, buy bundles, view and pay your bill and send 20 free SMS's daily, without incurring any data charges.

6. How do I pay my bill using the My Vodacom App?
  • Whether you have a standing debit order or you prefer to pay your account monthly, the App allows you to pay from the comfort of your home, using your debit or credit card.
  • Simply tap on the 'Amount owe' on the Account Overview and follow the easy steps to settle your account.

7. Can I use the My Vodacom to access VodaBucks rewards?
  • VodaBucks rewards you for using Vodacom products and services.
  • The more you do, the more you earn and the more rewards you can spend them on.
  • Access the exclusive VodaBucks store from the App to purchase fashion, electronics, bundles and so much more.
  • Remember to bank your earn VodaBucks to spend on the things you love.